Four-Faith ZigBee Module for Intelligent infusion control system

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          In medical system, The monitoring problem in the process of patients in infusion has always been a problem for nurses and patient care, and once monitoring mistakes to put air into the body's blood system, resulting in serious consequences, even death. Existing control systems, the use of cable technology for sensor networks to form. The characteristics of this kind of scheme of poor expand ability, wiring and tedious , mobile performance is poor. As a result of the hard line connection, the line easily aging or corrosion, wear and tear, failure rate is higher. Wireless transmission way was used to construct the wireless sensor network (WSN) just can avoid these problems. Relatively more flexible wireless way, to avoid the rewiring of trouble, the network infrastructure is no longer needed to hide in the wall, the wireless network can meet the needs of the move or change.

         The wireless ZigBee sensor network and automatic control are combined, can effectively achieve the design of hospital monitoring system for transfusion. Because ZigBee technology has very low power consumption, simple system, flexible networking mode, low cost, short waiting time performance, relative to other wireless network technology, it is more suitable for the establishment of medical monitoring network, the realization of wireless network monitoring.


1. Project architecture implementation plan

1. 1.  System composition

        The whole system architecture is divided into three layers: acquisition terminal, relay transmission layer and application management. Acquisition terminal layer of executives, is mainly responsible for infusion bag or bottle infusion liquid stock data. Relay devices as relay more jump data using transport layer, and forwards the terminal sends its data acquisition equipment to the center node equipment, center node equipment via a serial port sent to the monitoring center. Main application management is the monitoring center, the role of policy makers, responsible for data analysis, query to realize remote real-time monitoring and early warning.

1.1.1. The acquisition terminal equipment

       The scheme of intelligent infusion control system based on ZigBee technology, the normal operation of the whole system needs to be real-time monitoring of the patient's infusion bag or bottle infusion liquid stock status, and the stock of liquid and infusion drip rate data uploaded to the data management center, the scheme of acquisition terminal equipment adopt four faith F8913 embedded module, F8913 Embedded Zigbee Module,zigbee module price directly through RS232 interface connected intelligent infusion terminal inside the single chip microcomputer control system, controlled by single chip microcomputer F8913 send data, F8913 will end micro-controller to send its data via ZigBee network to send data management center. Intelligent infusion terminal control system has the features of the material of optional infusion infusion bag or bottle, glass bottle, plastic bottles, infusion bags three optional, and terminal in 20 minutes without using the terminal will enter the sleep mode, all you need to use again, need to wake up on a terminal buttons awakens the terminal.

1.1.2. ZigBee repeater transmission equipment

       The repeater transmission equipment role in this scheme is the terminal infusion bag or bottle liquid stock of data gathered in the center of the transfer because distance less than device, through multiple hops repeater to transmit data to the center equipment, the effect of the scheme of the repeater transmission equipment equipment used is a four faith F8914 ZigBee Terminal,ZigBee IP 4G Modem, repeater equipment placed in the corridor on the wall of the room.

       Center node equipment as infusion bag or bottle of liquid from the zigbee network inventory data integration, and through a serial port sent to the data management center, the scheme of center node equipment using the four letter F8914, center nodes are placed in the nurses' station, F8914 ZigBee Terminal,ZigBee IP 4G LTE Modem through the zigbee network terminal equipment sent to it the infusion bag or bottle of liquid stock data reception output to the data from serial port to the monitoring center management.

1.1.3. Application management

       Application of management layer is mainly the central monitoring system, the central monitoring system is mainly composed of a server set and platform software main component, when the central monitoring system receives the transport layer to send data, to the data sent from the terminal are analyzed, and according to the results of the analysis in the monitoring platform software with a graphical interface display, bottle transfusion stock such as several sickbed left much, what a certain stock after the alarm information.

1.2. Network architecture

       The scheme is applied in the Department of respiration of Shaoxing People's Hospital inpatient hospital ward, Department of respiration, annular, a nursing station ward around the middle, nursing station, the middle wall shielding, a total of 52 beds. Support intelligent transfusion control system terminal hanging in the bed, can be used for patient transfusion hanging bottle, bottle terminal are detected by the sensors of the stock and the infusion velocity, and transmit this data to the monitoring platform in nursing station, such as transfusion is about to finish, when the bottle deposit amount is less than 15ml, corresponding to the center of the bed will monitor has become another color display, when the bottle stock is less than 5ml, nursing station monitoring platform will alarm information, to remind nurses the bed number patients need to replace the bottle.

As shown below:

1.3. Site application diagram

1.3.1. The picture of the infusion control system intelligent terminal

1.3.2. The pictures of intelligent infusion terminal control system

1.3.3. The monitoring center software

1.3.4. on site environment pictures

          In this solution, the terminal intelligent transfusion control system plays a key role, through the terminal embedded F8913 ZigBee module, terminal collected data through the ZigBee network to send to the coordinator nursing station; ward corridor placed the F8914 relay routing, data relay transmission to the role of coordinator F8914 placed in; nursing station, plays the role of receiving data, and that the data sent from the terminal through the serial port to send to the monitoring center software; the software of monitor center to a receiving monitoring function, visual display graphical interface terminal sent data, visual display terminal stock of each transfusion, the monitoring center not only in nursing station one, in the corridor also distribution of several, transfusion stock convenient nurse can check each patient. At the same time, the scheme also supports handheld devices, intelligent mobile phone and tablet using APP software to connect the database view monitoring center information.

2. The feature of the scheme

ZigBee for its flexible, reliable, easy to layout and other features have been widely applied in many fields. Be applied to the management and control system of intelligent infusion has the advantage of:

1, wireless, and reduced temperature controlling system of intelligent infusion tube wiring complexity.

2, low cost, and ZigBee Protocol is simple and free of royalties.

3, intelligent, individual ZigBee nodes automatically searches to establish the connection.

4, support, Star, tree, multiple network topologies such as mesh network, the largest network connection capability, and can support 65,000 nodes.

5, the transmission module using industrial-grade design, metal housing, AC DC 12V/500mA; communications current: <250mA (12V); -25~+65 work environment temperature ºc; -40~+85 ºc storage temperature and 95% relative humidity (no condensation); multiple hardware/software watchdog designed, suitable for industrial work.

6, ZigBee terminal open , as the distance between a good environment for wireless communication distance 2000 meters .

7, ZigBee communication does not require any fees, and save a lot of costs for the entire project.

8, device configuration is simple, understandable, high degree of integration, the technology is mature, and easy to install.

With further growth in demand and technology matured, ZigBee application in remote monitoring, there is more broad application prospects.

3. Programme summary

         ZigBee wireless data acquisition and transmission system is stable, reliable, convenient and practical. Low installation cost, easy maintenance, no worry upgrades, no need to rent the public network or huge running costs. This is the best modern data acquisition transmission system solution.

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