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Direct Hit on the Canton Fair! CCTV Live Broadcast Focuses on the Four-Faith, Decoding New Productivity of Enterprises

On April 15th, the first phase of the 135th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the "Canton Fair"), a five-day event, grandly opened in Guangzhou. Four-Faith, as a renowned expert in IoT technology internationally, showcased its innovative technologies and project achievements in the fields of industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing at the conference, attracting the attention of numerous international buyers, domestic exhibitors, as well as mainstream media reporters from CCTV, radio, and television stations.
Focusing on CCTV English Channel, Analyzing the Charm of Four-Faith Products

Four-Faith delves deeply into the achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing, presenting a diverse and in-depth array of its industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing project outcomes to on-site guests through products, solutions, and platforms. It centrally showcases the new achievements of Four-Faith in "intelligent" manufacturing.
On April 16th, the Four-Faith booth was featured in a live interview on CCTV's English Channel. Tina, the Business Manager of Four-Faith, represented the company and provided explanations regarding the AI Edge Intelligence Brain, the 5G Fully Connected Factory One-Stop Solution, and the Smart Grid Solution showcased at the Four-Faith booth. Through live demonstrations of Four-Faith's new products and interactive displays of the intelligent AI management platform, the interview showcased the widespread applications of Four-Faith's intelligent equipment across various industries, offering viewers behind the camera a more intuitive understanding of the applications of the Four-Faith product series.

Engaging with CCTV Financial News to Explore New Opportunities in the Intelligent Field

In recent years, the pace of digitization and intelligence in China's manufacturing industry has been accelerating, leading to continuous improvement in the quality of Chinese manufacturing. This year's government work report not only emphasizes deepening research and development applications in big data, artificial intelligence, and initiating the "AI+" action but also implementing the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry and accelerating the large-scale application of industrial Internet.

As a representative of enterprises developing new productive forces, Four-Faith has always adhered to technological innovation, constantly grasping new market opportunities. At this year's Canton Fair, Four-Faith launched new AI products and platforms, promoting foreign trade enterprises to stride forward on the path of transformation from manufacturing to "smart manufacturing."

On April 17th, overseas buyer Fatima, with the question of "With the increase in future enterprise factories and equipment, how to utilize intelligent technology to achieve smart monitoring and efficient management," visited the automation exhibition area with a journalist from the CCTV financial channel. At the Four-Faith booth, she found the optimal solution.

Facing Fatima's doubts about how to better utilize the Four-Faith Intelligent AI Management Platform and AI Video Box, Four-Faith 's overseas technical engineer, Eason, explained that in Four-Faith 's one-stop factory application solution, when workers are not wearing safety helmets, the Four-Faith AI Video Box can quickly detect and report to the platform. Enterprise managers can achieve real-time control of the on-site working environment anytime, anywhere without being on-site, truly realizing intelligent management of the production line, saving labor costs, and improving production efficiency.

Live Interview with CCTV, Discussing the Potential of New Quality Productivity

This session of the Canton Fair is becoming more digitalized and intelligent, with over 50% of exhibitors actively applying digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis to transform production and operations, using new products and technologies to convert customer "traffic" into market "increment."

In order to showcase the theme of "Advanced Manufacturing" in the 135th Canton Fair, Four-Faith focused on the industry's new policies of "Developing New Quality Productivity" and "Accelerating the Development of Artificial Intelligence." At the exhibition, a simulated AI recognition monitoring scene was set up to monitor the flow of people at the Four-Faith booth and the interaction status of users at the booth in real-time, providing visiting guests with an intuitive presentation of AI intelligent devices and platform usage.

With unique product design and innovative presentation style, Four-Faith once again attracted the attention of CCTV journalists, who conducted a live interview with Four-Faith's senior technical engineer, Lan Chaobin.

Responding to CCTV reporters' questions about the advantages of Four-Faith's products and services, Lan replied, "Four-Faith is an IoT equipment and solutions provider that can offer users customized 5G products. Clients can create their own network automation through our devices and networking platforms. We even offer customization down to the level of chips and can fulfill integrated customization for hardware appearance and software interface requirements.

Innovative R&D! Accelerating Enterprise Digital Transformation and Upgrading

From showcasing new products to offering services, from addressing common issues to providing personalized solutions, Four-Faith has always adhered to the corporate vision of "making everything smarter," committed to providing industry users with intelligent and digital products and solutions.

In the future, Four-Faith will continue to innovate in research and development, accelerating the expansion of the influence of Four-Faith's "new quality productivity" equipment in overseas markets, and helping more overseas clients truly achieve industrial digital transformation and upgrading.

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