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Exploring the Integration Process of AI-Driven 5G+IoT at the Four-Faith Shanghai International IoT Exhibition

On April 24th, the 21st International IoT Exhibition, IOTE 2024, grandly opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, bringing together numerous global technology companies and industry elites to jointly explore how AIoT can further unleash the potential of the digital economy.

As an expert in IoT technology, Four-Faith focuses deeply on industry buzzwords such as artificial intelligence, 5G+industrial Internet, 5G RedCap, etc. It has set up five major exhibition areas including "5G RedCap Terminal Product Matrix," "5G Full-Connected Factory One-Stop Solution," "AI Analysis Edge Brain," "Sensing Cloud Platform," and new product releases, focusing on three major display highlights: new products, new technologies, and new solutions, comprehensively and diversely showcasing Four-Faith's innovative technologies and project achievements in the field of IoT.

New Product Launch! Four-Faith's Dual 5G Industrial Routers Gain High Popularity

Currently, the new generation of information technology, represented by 5G, is accelerating its integration into various sectors of the economy and society. It has become a key support for the smooth circulation of data resources and an important engine leading the transformation and upgrading of industries towards intelligence, arenization, and integration.

To meet the diverse needs of industrial internet users and pursue efficient and fast network experiences, Four-Faith has independently developed a new generation of 5G high-speed dual-card dual-mode industrial routers. These routers can achieve dual 5G network aggregation and seamless switching between FULL-5G dual modes, meeting the stringent operational requirements of industrial customers.

On the first day of the launch, Four-Faith's 5G dual-card dual-mode industrial router made its debut as a core product, attracting the attention of many attendees. Four-Faith colleagues provided professional interpretations of the product's advantages such as "fast networking, intelligent switching, multi-device connectivity, and secure data transmission," deepening users' impressions of the new product. Meanwhile, both parties engaged in in-depth discussions regarding future achievable directions.

Accelerated Deployment! Four-Faith 5G RedCap Terminal Matrix Unveiled

Lightweight 5G technology, as an important direction in the development of 5G networks, holds tremendous potential and advantages. In response to the national call, leading companies in the upstream and downstream of the chip, module, and terminal industry chains are collaborating to promote the research and development as well as the industrial application of 5G RedCap products. This effort aims to accelerate the integration of RedCap with native 5G applications such as network slicing, high-precision positioning, and 5G LAN (local area network), enrich terminal types and product forms, and reduce chip and module costs.

With over a decade of experience in the IoT field, Four-Faith attaches great importance to the deployment of 5G RedCap terminals. It independently develops high-performance and cost-effective 5G RedCap terminals, accelerating technological research and application innovation in the lightweight 5G field. At the exhibition site, Four-Faith set up a special area for 5G RedCap terminals, showcasing abundant technological achievements to industry users, receiving high recognition from operators, integrators, and industry partners.

Deep Integration! Promoting the Rapid Development of AI+

The 2024 Government Work Report proposes to launch the "AI+" initiative, accelerating the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the real economy. Four-Faith actively responds to the national call by introducing AI video box, accelerating the integration of artificial intelligence with industry applications, and promoting the rapid development of "AI+".

This product is equipped with a high-performance NPU chip with computing power of up to 13 TOPS, capable of simultaneously processing multiple high-definition videos and supporting hardware decoding of multiple 1080P high-definition videos. It also integrates high-precision artificial intelligence algorithms based on computer vision and deep learning networks and comes with a video intelligent comprehensive management platform.

Setting the Benchmark! Transforming "Manufacturing" into "Intelligent Manufacturing

In recent years, 5G technology has become a crucial engine driving the development of the digital economy. As an important lever for promoting the development of new industrialization, "5G+Industrial Internet" is accelerating towards the stage of deep cultivation and refinement.

The Four-Faith 5G Full-Connected Factory One-Stop Solution, serving as the core exhibition area, is also a highly anticipated cutting-edge solution in the IoT industry, attracting waves of attention from the very first day of its launch.

Through the introduction by Four-Faith's professional technical staff, customers on-site gained a basic understanding of the solution's positioning. Enterprises can utilize this solution to achieve real-time monitoring, data analysis, and intelligent decision-making in the production process. This significantly enhances production efficiency and product quality, reduces production costs, and improves responsiveness to market changes and risk management capabilities.

Strength Recognized! Four-Faith Honored with Two IoT Awards

On April 23rd, the China IoT Ecological Conference and the "2023 IoT Star" Awards Ceremony were grandly held in Shanghai. The event unveiled the list of the top 100 IoT companies in China. Additionally, the conference also recognized exemplary cases in key industries such as smart cities, smart energy, and smart industry.

As a leading player in the IoT field, Four-Faith, leveraging its years of accumulation in the IoT terminal industry chain and profound technical R&D strength, was honored with two prestigious awards in the 2023 "IoT Star" rankings: "Top 100 Chinese IoT Companies" and "Innovative Product Award in the Chinese IoT Industry - 5G LoRaWAN Gateway FBL800".

Being honored with dual accolades once again highlights Four-Faith's leading position in the IoT field, fully affirming the high recognition of industry professionals for Four-Faith's comprehensive corporate strength.

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