From Horsepower to Computing Power, the 5G+ Driverless Scheme Accelerates the Era of Intelligent Cars

Date:2022-04-06 09:52:04

During the China two sessions in 2022, many representatives of the two sessions put the focus of the proposals in the field of intelligent network connection, taking automatic driving as an example, which is called the "hot words of the two sessions" in the circle of vehicles. For example, Robin Li paid attention to "intelligent transportation" and "autonomous driving" in his proposal for the seventh time this year. Zhou Hongyi proposed to build a situation awareness system of an intelligent and connected automobile industry with a safety brain as the core. Lei Jun, who achieved mass production in Beijing in 2024, focuses on infrastructure construction.
The spring of autonomous driving has arrived. How enterprises can make use of the new generation of information communication, artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies to create a more convenient, intelligent, green, and safe travel experience has become an urgent problem to be solved in the field of unmanned driving.
Pain Point
1. Population Density, Traffic Pressure Increased Dramatically
Most of the cities in China are densely populated, and the number of cars keeps increasing. It has become normal for residents to encounter traffic jams on their daily trips, resulting in a sharp increase in urban traffic pressure.
2. Backward Management and High Operation and Maintenance Costs
The traditional traffic vehicle management mode is backward, unable to realize intelligent perception, which requires a lot of human and material costs. The road status cannot be monitored in real-time by the administrator, and the operation and maintenance cost is too high.
3. The Wide Range of Urban Traffic, Information are Miscommunication
The traffic situation between the main roads in the city involves a wide range, and the information between streets is not interconnected. The information such as vehicle state information, location information, environmental perception, and human-vehicle behavior data cannot be obtained the first time. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate data resources through intelligent means to eliminate data islands and reduce traffic accidents.
Unmanned Driving
Solution Introduction
To solve the demand pain points of urban traffic pressure, Four-Faith provides a set of safe and efficient 5G+ driverless solutions, which make full use of existing road resources, solve the traffic demand generated by urban/suburban areas, and promote the diversification of travel modes and route choices.
The scheme utilizes many cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, edge computing, vehicle-road collaboration, high-precision map, and Beidou positioning, and organically combines unmanned driving and 5G application experience. Relying on Four-Faith 5G industrial router, driverless vehicles can sense the surrounding environment in time and make correct driving judgments to ensure the safe and stable operation of vehicles.  At the same time, with the help of a 5G high-speed network, the system solution can collect high-definition video inside and outside the vehicle and real-time operation status information data of the vehicle. The staff can realize remote real-time monitoring of the basic operation status of the vehicle through the monitoring center to ensure the safety of the vehicle operation.
Intelligent Cars
System Composition
1. Image Capture Card
The system scheme provides a stable image acquisition unit to ensure the security and reliability of not dropping frames in the process of IP camera acquisition. The 8-port POE Ethernet switch is connected in series. On the one hand, it provides stable and anti-electromagnetic interference network transmission. On the other hand, it can directly supply power to the camera through the network port.
2. Precise Localization
Four-Faith industrial-grade 4G/5G industrial router relates to a high-precision map to provide customers with a safe route driving guarantee; VPN and firewall are used to ensure data transmission security. For the future use of remote OTA technology, the 4G industrial router can accurately adjust, upgrade, or update every unmanned vehicle running on the road directly. Moreover, the solution also supports WIFI AP/Client function.
3. Interworking CAN BUS
By providing industry data to the machine, the customer CAN control the forward, backward, brake, and throttle of the vehicle through deep learning and linkage of CAN-BUS card through the machine to realize intelligent unmanned driving.
5G Industrial Router
Solution Advantages
1. Real-time Data Acquisition, Timely Warning of Danger
Relying on the low latency of 5G, the sensor data and intelligent algorithm can be rapidly fused and processed to realize a real-time collection of vehicle data information. Once any fault information is found, it can give an early warning in first time to ensure the stable operation of vehicles and reduce traffic accidents.
2. Intelligent Management to Reduce Operation and Maintenance Costs
Through a 5G high-bandwidth network, multi-channel HD video can be transmitted to the management background in real-time. Administrators can control real-time road conditions and vehicle driving conditions at any time to ensure the stable operation of system solutions, improve management efficiency and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of vehicle enterprises.
3. Break Information Silos and Realize Information Exchange
With the efficient data integration and sharing analysis capability of the unmanned driving system scheme, intelligent management of road and vehicle information is carried out to break information silos, realize information exchange, and improve traffic efficiency.
4. Building 5G+ Innovative Application Scenarios
The scheme is supported by a 5G instant messaging network and relies on 5G characteristics to provide network channels with high concurrency and low delay for platform and vehicle operation, completing the construction of INNOVATIVE application scenarios of 5G+ unmanned driving.

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