Four-Faith 5G Smart Tower Crane Wireless Monitoring Solution, Make Construction Safe and Visible

Date:2022-06-21 15:09:46

With the continuous progress of social development and economic construction, China's urban and rural architecture changes with each passing day, making the construction industry faced with unprecedented development opportunities, which promotes the market demand for construction machinery.
Take the tower crane market as an example, as essential key equipment in construction, the tower crane's status in the heart of construction enterprises is rising day by day. However, with the surge in the demand for tower cranes, there are more and more potential safety hazards. Various types of tower crane safety accidents continue to happen, and the concept of safe production is deeply rooted in people's hearts.
In the accident-prone construction industry, how to ensure the safety of construction personnel, construction materials and equipment, and other property safety, construction site management is an urgent problem to be solved.
5G Smart Tower Crane
Pain Point
1. Distance is Far, Wiring is Difficult
The distance between buildings around the construction site and the monitoring center is far, which is not conducive to the layout of construction units. Therefore, the wireless network is required for transmission.
2. The Project is Huge and Takes a Lot of Manpower
There are many tower cranes in the traditional construction site, and the construction company adopts the wired layout, which requires a large amount of human and material costs and affects the progress of the project.
3. The Management Method is Poor and Safety Problems are Increasing
The existing construction management methods of tower cranes are too backward, so when the equipment is found to be faulty, it cannot give an early warning the first time, which seriously increases the hidden danger to safety at the site.
4. Lack of IntelliSense, Bad for Management
Traditional construction site tower crane monitoring lack of intelligent sensing system, managers later maintenance equipment more difficult, unable to achieve convenient management operation.
Solution Introduction
Given the problems existing in the tower crane security industry, Relying on its rich experience in the Internet + industry and based on its rich network access products, Four-Faith provides a wireless monitoring scheme for tower cranes based on a 5G industrial router to effectively solve the loopholes existing in tower crane security. The construction tower crane wireless remote monitoring system provides a high reliability safety guarantee for enterprises and workers. The wireless safety system of tower crane machinery can reduce the probability of site accidents as much as possible, improve the safety operation level of workers, and have reasonable management and statistics on the working state of tower crane machinery on site. 
The construction tower crane remote monitoring system is mainly composed of a 5G terminal, an operator's private network, and data monitoring center server. After using a 5G industrial router and core network to form a secure network, the video of the tower crane can be collected and monitored, and the data of the tower crane system returned by the computer can be viewed in real-time, such as the tower crane Angle, lifting weight, lifting moment and transmission Angle, etc. The data is sent back to the data center through the DTU function. The security monitoring software of the data center displays the received data on the system interface, and the staff can know the site situation in real-time through the data.
Solution Advantages
1. A Timely Warning, Avoid the Accident
When the tower crane driver conducts an illegal operation, the system will give a warning in time. The warning mechanism is conducive to improving safety awareness, eliminating hidden dangers for the first time, and reducing construction accidents. For the supervision unit, the safety data of the tower crane can be obtained in real-time, and rectification can be carried out in time to eliminate potential safety hazards.
2. Real-time Control of Data, Improve Scientific Management Level
Through the remote monitoring system of the tower crane, real-time monitoring of production safety can completely solve the problem of real-time information viewing that cannot be achieved by manual supervision. It can grasp the situation of illegal operations in real-time, eliminate hidden dangers in advance, analyze and summarize afterward, and improve the level of scientific management.
3. Remote Management, No After-sales Maintenance Worries
Intelligent technology is adopted to carry out remote maintenance and overhaul of the system, which can locate the fault of the tower crane, restart it intelligently when it goes down, and manage it remotely, to realize real-time monitoring of the operation status of the tower crane, timely maintenance, and timely reporting and processing of faults.
4. Easy installation and Cost Saving
The wireless monitoring system of tower crane can save the cost of large-scale wiring and construction and installation personnel. If the monitoring area and equipment installation point are determined, the rapid construction can be realized, the construction period of the project can be greatly shortened, and the project can also save time and labor costs.

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