Date:2010-06-14 13:24:00

FourFaith communication celebrate the second birthday Series

        June in Xiamen, the misty whether can not can not stop the warm summer. The Phoenix flowers are blossoming everywhere in the city. In this great time, we warmly celebrate the second birthday of Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Which is the leading enterprise in the IOT data transmission industry.
        Two years ago, although the development of the world economy was stagnating by the subprime crisis, it is accelerated development in the IOT industry. It was also in that year, with the great enthusiasm and the good expect to the IOT, the entrepreneurs of Four Faith founded the Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd., they committed themselves to build famous brand: Four faith.
       In the past 2 years, Various aspects of the company, including team building, cultural background, product development, technology upgrading, marketing, customer service has made great development. Products from single series, developed to cover all carrier network; customers are related finance, hydrology, power, environmental, transport etc.; the market ranging from local areas of the country, have been extended to Singapore, India, U.S., Italy and other overseas market; customers mainly from product sales, changes to project partners……
 Looking back the past two years, we beared too much hard work and shared the glory.

       Reviewing Four-Faith today, each things, like every hard-working staff, each of struggling footsteps, every technological innovation, every professional service, stirring with exuberant vitality, which showing the trajectory of upwards growth. 

         In the future, Four-Faith will continue to focus on wireless data transmission field, closing to the pulse of things networking industry, to be as the industry’s promoter; independent innovation to be as the practitioner of intellectual property; penetrating into the project applications to provide customers with leading, professional products and services; adhering to the integrity, professionalism, innovation to   create attractive brand and build Internet of Things wisdom world.

  The anniversary celebration has three themes, that is, "Basketball Race", "mid-year conference and Staff Forum" and "Wuyishan tourism." The celebration activities began with the "Basketball Race" between departments of "The Administration", "R&D", "home sales" and "overseas sales" on June 12, 2010. After  the fierce competition, the R & D department win the champion.
   June 13th, all staffs from headquarter and nationwide attended the meeting concerning development plan for Four-Faith, Mr. Jack Lin, Marketing Director, gave a speech at the meeting.  Jack reviewed the sales performance of the first half of 2010, at the same time, he mentioned that, “After two years hard work of all staffs, Four-Faith has achieved a encouraging result, however, we need to take any chances of making ourselves stronger.” After that, Jack shared his idea of how to achieve the goal that we made last year with all conferees.
  With the rapid development of Four-Faith, Internal management has become a new challenge for the company.  In response to this situation, a speech named “Improve internal management, ensure the development of Four-Faith” was gave by Mr. Kerui Zhang, Manager of HR dept.
  After meeting, we had a wonderful time in climbing Wu Yi Mountain and boating in Jiu Qu Stream for 3 days.  Wu Yi mountain is located in Wu Yi Shan City, Fujian Province, southeast of China, which is authorized as the “world natural and Cultural Heritage”.

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