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New Products, New Technologies! Four-Faith Shines at the 2024 Canton Fair, Highlighting Manufacturing's Shift to the "New" Power

On April 15th, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), themed "Promoting High-Quality Development and Advancing High-Level Opening Up," grandly opened in Guangzhou, attracting overseas buyers from 205 countries and regions worldwide.

At this session of the Canton Fair, Four-Faith focuses deeply on the theme of "Advanced Manufacturing," featuring three main exhibition areas: 5G Full-Connectivity Factory Solutions, Intelligent Grid Automation Solutions, and AI Edge Smart Brain. From products to comprehensive solutions, Four-Faith highlights its advanced technologies and research achievements in the field of industrial automation.

5G Simplifies Manufacturing

In recent years, enhancing production efficiency and reducing resource consumption have become primary methods for both domestic and international industries to strengthen market competitiveness. Consequently, digitization, networking, and intelligence have become focal points for major enterprises and market development.

Responding actively to the national call, Four-Faith, leveraging its research and development advantages, focuses on the 5G+ industrial Internet industry. Collaborating with industry partners, it crafts 5G Full-Connectivity Factory Solutions. Through advanced digital production management systems, comprehensive digitization of production processes is achieved, enabling companies to precisely grasp production conditions. This enhances the controllability of production processes and enables rapid responses to market demands.

At the exhibition, Four-Faith's 5G Full-Connectivity Factory Solutions emerged as a hot spot, attracting numerous overseas buyers to pause for photos. In-depth discussions were held on how traditional factories can leverage technological advancements to achieve digital transformation and upgrade.

Explaining on-site, Four-Faith personnel highlighted that with their 5G Full-Connectivity Solutions, control over processes from personnel and material entry to the entire production process, monitoring and controlling production equipment, and even identifying transport vehicle plates and models upon leaving the factory can be achieved using Four-Faith's related product solutions. Utilizing Four-Faith's 5G series terminals and supporting solutions enables comprehensive coverage of 5G Full-Connectivity throughout the factory.

AI Makes Manufacturing Smarter

Currently, there is a global wave of innovation in next-generation information technology, with AI recognized as the forefront of innovation. It can drive transformation and leapfrog development in multiple fields and may have disruptive effects on traditional industries. AI is increasingly becoming a new focus of global competition in the information field.

Four-Faith deeply focuses on the mainstream policies of the government regarding "developing new productive forces" and "accelerating the development of artificial intelligence." Combining its own research and development advantages, it enters the AI + smart manufacturing industry. At the exhibition, Four-Faith showcased its intelligent AI management platform, demonstrating real-time monitoring of booth traffic and visitor engagement through AI recognition simulation scenes. The professional technical team provided on-site demonstrations of the platform's system functions and application advantages, receiving unanimous praise from attendees.

The Four-Faith Intelligent AI Management Platform integrates highly accurate AI intelligent algorithms based on computer vision and deep learning networks, along with a video intelligent comprehensive management platform. The AI intelligent algorithms encompass various algorithms for scenarios such as parks, communities, construction sites, and campuses, which can be flexibly combined and configured according to specific needs and scenes.

The video intelligent comprehensive management platform supports front-end device management, real-time video preview, alarm notification, evidence capture, online loading and optimization of algorithms, data trend analysis, and large-screen display. The operation of the devices is simple, plug-and-play, and it also offers rich northbound API interfaces, empowering upper-level business applications.

Four-Faith Makes Manufacturing Smarter

With over a decade of deep cultivation in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, Four-Faith integrates product research and development, design, production, logistics, and service. Possessing keen market insight, it promptly identifies industry development opportunities and collaborates with industry partners to drive more enterprises towards digitalization and intelligent transformation, achieving significant results in market expansion and development.

At the exhibition, Four-Faith deeply focuses on the achievements in smart manufacturing. Through products, solutions, and platforms, it diversifies and showcases the project results in the field of industrial automation and smart manufacturing to the on-site guests, highlighting Four-Faith's innovative achievements in "smart" manufacturing.

On the afternoon of April 16th, the Four-Faith booth welcomed a live interview from the English Channel of China Central Television (CCTV). Through demonstrations and explanations of Four-Faith's flagship products, the wide-ranging applications of Four-Faith equipment across various industries were showcased from multiple perspectives. This provided domestic and overseas merchants with a more intuitive understanding of the usage and functions of Four-Faith equipment, deepening their impressions, and enhancing the company's brand influence. It also laid the groundwork for future cooperation.

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