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Fully Unleashing the New Potential of 5G+AIoT, Four-Faith Showcases Innovative Technologies at Embedded World 2024

On April 9th, local time in Germany, the world's largest embedded exhibition, Embedded World 2024, opened grandly at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. Four-Faith showcased its 5G series terminals, various cutting-edge embedded products, and popular solutions.

Unleashing the Potential of 5G, Empowering the Transformation and Upgrading of the Manufacturing Industry

Currently, the application of 5G in the industrial sector is being widely promoted, gradually becoming a core technology in fields such as the Internet of Things, industrial automation, and network security. Four-Faith, as an expert in IoT technology, possesses a mature and complete 5G terminal industry chain and project achievements, and continues to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry through 5G empowerment.

RedCap, on the other hand, is considered an important driving force for the rapid development of large-scale 5G to B applications, filling the gap in the low-cost, high-speed 5G IoT market, with tremendous future development potential.

At Embedded World 2024, Four-Faith showcased its latest 5G technology, product innovations, and industry application cases. A special zone was dedicated to 5G RedCap, offering a diverse range of 5G RedCap terminals, all of which have passed certification tests by major domestic operators, comprehensively facilitating the large-scale implementation of RedCap technology in the industry.

Currently, Four-Faith's 5G RedCap terminal products have been widely used in areas such as smart manufacturing, equipment collaboration, data acquisition, intelligent warehousing, and smart mining, working hand in hand with industry partners to expedite the rapid deployment of multiple 5G projects.

Continued Expansion to Unlock New Market Opportunities

According to report data, global LPWAN connections continue to grow, with nearly 1.3 billion connections by the end of 2023, expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26% over the next few years, reaching 3 billion connections by 2027. In the global LPWAN market, LoRa connections still hold a 36% share, leading LPWAN technology.

Undoubtedly, LoRa technology has unique advantages in addressing diverse IoT application demands, leveraging its performance features such as "freely networking" and "extensive connectivity" to perfectly address the development needs of IoT enterprises for the integration of "multiple terminals, multiple technologies," accelerating the landing of IoT projects across various industries.

On the first day of the event, Four-Faith's LoRa modules, terminals, gateways, and other products were equally popular. Taking the LoRa temperature and humidity sensor terminal and LoRa sensor terminal as examples, these two products were frequently mentioned by visiting customers at the exhibition due to their high aesthetics and performance. Four-Faith staff provided detailed explanations of their usage and product advantages, deepening the audience's understanding of Four-Faith's technology and products. 

LoRa Temperature and Humidity Sensor Terminal

The FST100 series temperature and humidity sensor terminal is a wireless data transmission terminal based on LoRa spread spectrum technology. It utilizes Four-Faith's self-developed LoRa module, featuring ultra-low power consumption design and a built-in high-capacity lithium battery that can last for multiple years. With an IP67 high protection level, it is designed for harsh environmental monitoring applications, providing waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

LoRa Sensor Terminal

The FST200 sensor terminal series is a data transmission terminal based on LoRa spread spectrum technology and compatible with various sensors with standard interfaces. It adopts a high-performance industrial-grade LoRa solution, with an embedded real-time operating system as the software support platform, offering rich interfaces for direct connection to serial devices and enabling transparent data transmission. It provides RS485/RS232 interfaces, I/O, ADC interfaces, and offers 3.3V/12V power outputs to meet sensor power requirements. The device is designed for low power consumption and supports power supply from lithium batteries or DC.

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