483pcs of Gsm Modem successfully applied in Dongguan PM2.5 monitoring

Date:2013-07-29 14:22:00

Urban dust, industrial pollution, automobile exhaust are the most important factors leading to PM2.5, and the 1st quarter of this year, slight pollution more than 26 days in Dongguan, exceed the standard rate was 28.9%; PM2.5 exceed the standard for 16 days, haze increased compared with the same period last year. Air quality monitoring task has been put on the agenda, Dongguan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau expanded air automatic monitoring station construction.

Using wireless technology to carry out wireless data applications, to achieve high speed, remote access of data terminal, and provide wide area of wireless IP connection, has been vigorously promoted in the field of environmental monitoring in recent years. Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd. established strategic cooperative partnership with the supplier of Dongguan environmental protection monitoring project in 2012, through industrial wireless communication equipment to provide network function for the environmental monitoring station, beginning in 2013, cooperated to build more than 50 environmental monitoring stations in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities, at the beginning of April, the customer once again purchased 483 pcs of wireless communication terminal to apply in Dongguan PM2.5 monitoring project.



Online monitoring system of PM2.5 dust wireless transmission type particles, composed of 1 central station and n sub-stations. Laser dust monitor as the terminal, through Four-Faith Communication wireless data transmission unit of F2X03 4G MODEM, to achieve two-way communication from the terminal to data center and from data center to the terminal. To analyze the data of each collection point, the user can see the real-time data change trend of each collection point through charts and curves, to do effective management for different sub-station.

Traditional line access has high cost, construction inconvenience, but wireless transmission can get rid of the cable, and has the features of low cost, safe and reliable data transmission, flexible and convenient, 24 hours real-time monitoring, etc., favored by the customers.

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