Four-Faith F2414 IP Modem For Air Quality Online Monitoring System Solution

Date:2012-08-02 11:22:00

For the last two decades of rapid economic and social development and urbanization process,In the economically developed areas,Air pollution has been transfer  a local single-city coal-fired pollution into the coexistence region complex pollution of the coal-burning and motor vehicle exhaust pollution. Although in our major cities,varying amounts of automatic air monitoring stations have been built,However, due to the lack of regional and complex understanding of air pollution in the earlier period of construction, problem existing as followed.

(1)Monitoring indicators is less than normal,currently China's air quality monitoring network mainly purpose to monitor project for SO2, NOx, and respirable particulate matter,lack of monitoring the reaction of regional air pollution characteristics of pollutants.

(2)Lack of optimization and design of the monitoring network,it is difficult to fully and accurately reflect the air pollution.

(3)Simple methods of automatic air monitoring stations,lack of mobile observation and three-dimensional observation techniques.

The use of wireless communication technology,It is convenient to add and optimize the deployment of the system front-end acquisition equipment,to build a new air quality monitoring system. It's advantage including, flexible networking,short duration and investment saving.

Four-Fiath F2X14 low consumption 4G MODEM,work as the wireless data transmission channel between the front-end and back-end data acquisition monitoring control platform in the system. Specifically responsible for transmission system of data collection,real time connection with platform server, automatically to upload the data collection, and to receive control commands and return status, to achieve real-time, stable and efficient transmission.

The new sytle air quality monitoring system can continuous real-time monitor air quality, dynamic grasp exceeded condition, it is of significant meaning and promotional value to monitor pollution,to prevent pollution event and improve air quality.

System Basi Structure

    System Components:

As picture shown,Air Quality Online Monitoring system will automatically lead control, network communications, computer (or smartphone) and GIS and other information technology into the field of air quality monitoring, Four-Faith F2X14 wireless transmission module which use industrial grade sets up wireless data transmission network, the collection, transmission and monitoring of air quality which achieves various environmental factors.


Four-Faith F2X14 GPRS IP MODEM is a wireless data terminal of Internet of Things , uses public GPRS network to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission function. The product uses high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communications processor and industrial grade wireless module,takes embedded real-time operating system as  software support platform,provides both rs232 and rs485 interface or rs422, can directly connect serial port device,transfer real time transparent data, lowe consumption design, lowest one is less than1mA;provides 5 channel I./O,and can realize digital input,pulse output ,analogue output ,pulse counting ect.

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