Four-Faith IP Modem for aniline pollution leak monitoring system application

Date:2013-01-08 11:34:00

Recently, shanxi changzhi occur aniline leakage accident, 5 days to report, resulting in hebei handan occur residents rob water storage event. After the accident, ZhuoZhangHe out of shanxi provincial boundaries WangGuZhuang monitoring point aniline concentration reached the national standard 720 times, shanxi cost 850 million monitoring system have become a decoration, cause people strong dissatisfaction.

In order to make China's environmental protection not only stay in the oral, provide an effective and practical advanced monitoring system and solving method is imperative. Four-Faith system content networking wireless communication backbone enterprises, the products are widely used in various fields of environmental protection, in view of the water pollution problem, based on the source leak monitoring system.

System composition:   

1. Sewage data acquisition terminal

According to the different nature of monitoring can be divided into three aspects, surface water station (rivers, reservoirs and other drinking water), urban sewage treatment plant and industrial pollution sources; The main detection physical quantities are: velocity, flow, PH value, COD, ammonia nitrogen, aniline, nitrate nitrogen, and nitrate nitrogen, total phosphorus, etc.; Real-time site would be noise data acquisition to intelligent monitoring in the terminal. Through the industry general MODIBUS standard protocol for transmission.

2. Wireless transmission equipment
In view of the requirement of communication module, choose xiamen four letter communication co., LTD. F2103 4G MODEM. It has small volume, low power consumption, configuration is simple to use, plug and play. The main support for data channel, parallel multiple data channel, real-time online and on-demand online a variety of work mode, and support the APN network access functions can not only guarantee the data safety and reliability can also let the customer according to need to transfer to save tariff.

3. Data management center

Including monitoring data receiving subsystem, data analysis subsystem, alarm message subsystem, WEB publishing subsystem;

Four Faith wireless terminal in the function of system

Sewage data acquisition terminal through RS232/485 communication interface and the four letter wireless terminal F2103 serial connection, data monitoring center can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as fixed IP network connection, APN, ADSL, etc.

Four Faith wireless transmission terminal F2103 through the GPRS network connection to the remote data center server hosting, and center to establish TCP/IP connection open after the transparent data channel. When data collection terminal need to report the data when the data directly to the serial port, the F2103 will receive data it is sent to the data center server host. When data center issued commands or data through the channel to F2103, F2103 through the serial port to the data collection terminal, so as to realize the data two-way transparent transmission.

System to perfect, no running up or just a decoration, related departments need to manage pollution source monitoring of each link, the positive analysis data, can handle in time, accomplish truly "monitoring and humanity ".

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