GPRS IP Modem is successfully applied in Guangdong haze monitoring project

Date:2015-05-26 16:57:00

Introduction recently, the famous CCTV reporter Jing Chai launched the haze in depth investigation shot at their own expense “under the dome", on the line just two days time, get on a million times, and related topics in the circle of friends, WeChat micro-blog, website forum continued scraper, once again aroused thinking and heat discussion on environmental protection.

Industrial pollution emissions, dust, vehicle exhaust city are important factors leading to PM2.5, haze pollution suffered every year, according to the Guangdong provincial environmental information dissemination platform data show, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Yunfu, Foshan areas often light "red” PM2.5. Air quality monitoring task has been put on the agenda, the local environmental protection bureau has been gradually expanded air automatic monitoring station construction.

Development of wireless data applications using wireless technology, high-speed, remote access of data terminal,  and providing wide area wireless IP connections, in recent years in the field of environmental monitoring has been vigorously promoted. Xiamen Four-Faith communication technology Co. Ltd. to establish strategic partnership with Guangdong Dongguan environmental monitoring project supplier in 2012, through the industrial wireless communication equipment for the environmental monitoring station provides networking, so far a total of more than 50 cooperation to complete the construction of environmental monitoring station of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places. Recently, the customer once again to purchase Four-Faith wireless communication terminal, cooperation to build more PM2.5 monitoring project.

Online monitoring system of PM2.5 wireless transmission type dust particles, composed of 1 central station and sub station n. Laser dust monitor terminal through the Four-Faith, wireless data transmission unit of F2X14 4G MODEM, the dust monitor (station) is connected with the GPRS wireless network, and transmits the data to the data center (station), in order to achieve the data from the terminal to the data center, data center, two-way communication. For each collection point analysis of the data, to see real-time data change trend of each collection point through the charts and curves of different sub station, to make effectively manage.

The high cost of the traditional line access, from the line of construction equipment is inconvenient, but wireless transmission can get rid of the bondage of cable, and has the advantages of low equipment cost, safe and reliable data transmission, flexible and convenient use, 24 hours real-time monitoring and other advantages.

The Four-Faith F2114 4G LTE MODEM products used in fog and haze monitoring



In front of haze, we do the project although small, but is also very important. Under the dome, with the breath, a common destiny, we will do our bit, guarding this piece of land.

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