Remote Monitoring of the Waste Water Treatment Based on the GPRS Network

Date:2011-01-07 16:37:00

1. Preface
With the fast-growing of Chinese economy, pollution of waste water has increased day by day, which is dangerous to environment and people’s life. Nowadays, both people and Chinese government are quite concerned about the pollution of waste water from industry and daily life,  so finding a cost effective and scientific solution for monitoring the waste water in real time is an urgent topic.
The disadvantage of traditional monitoring system is that, time-costing and labor-costing, limitation of coverage, etc. With the technology of GPRS, an innovative system has come out, which is unmanned, real time and accurate, and now, the environmental protection department can remote monitoring the waste water anywhere and anytime where GPRS network is available.
2. System analysis

System requirements

(1) Waste water data acquisition terminal
The terminal can collect data of flow speed, PH value, COD, etc., coming from surface water, city waste water treatment factory and industry.
(2) Wireless data transmission device
Four-Faith F2103 GPRS IP Modem designed with TCP/IP stack, supports transparent data transmission and RS232/485, etc.(For more info, please log onto )
(3) Data center
All data come from waste water data acquisition terminals of remote sites will be processed and stored, analyzed, etc., then displayed via B/S; meanwhile, an alarm SMS may be sent to allocated people. In addition, people can visit the WEB browser to check the data too. 
3. Brief Introduction

Data of PH value, flow speed and others will be collected by the remote site waste water data acquisition terminals, and Four-Faith F2103 GPRS IP 4G Modem will be connected with each data logger with RS232 or RS485 to transfer the data to server, where internet access in available.
4. Diagram


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