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What are the Difference of 4G Bonding Router and Ordinary Router

Nowadays, many people are already getting familiar with routers. The routers that many people just using ordinary ones (home or business). Also, there is another kind of router called 4G bonding router. So here comes up a question, what is the difference between 4G bonding router?

4G Bonding Router
Bonding Technology
The 4G bonding router can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple Internet links. It can increase the uplink and downlink network bandwidth in the mobile environment. Moreover, since the device supports the simultaneous insertion of SIM cards of different operators, it reduces the blind spots of mobile network signals and improves network availability. The download speed can easily reach more than one gigabit, and the upload speed can reach more than one hundred megabytes. Moreover, it has high stability, low delay, no packet loss, and meets various unique scenarios with very high requirements.
4G Bonding Router Vs Ordinary Router
4G bonding router supports multiple operator's 4G cards or network cables. For example, MiNE Technology's M4 4G bonding router supports 4 SIM cards of different operators.
On the other hand, ordinary routers generally use network cables. You can see it from here. The 4G multi-card aggregation router is more convenient and flexible to use. Just like a mobile phone, you can use it anytime and anywhere as long as you plug in the card, and network cables do not restrict it. But, various conditions can limit ordinary routers to a great extent. What's more, 4G traffic is getting cheaper.
Professional and Common Application Scenarios
Ordinary routers are generally useful in scenarios such as homes or enterprise companies on the other hand. 4G bonding routers find their applications in scenarios that require stable networks, high latency, and high bandwidth. It is also useful in outdoor applications. For example, at weak networks places with a large number of people, such as high-speed rail Motor trains, large conferences, high-definition Live broadcasts, emergency rescue, outdoor live broadcasts, etc. Thus, ordinary people do not know much about it.

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