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DTU Industrial Router will Become the Key to Solving Electric Vehicle Charging

In the 5G Era, DTU Industrial Router will Become the Key to Solving Electric Vehicle Charging. The popularization of 5G networks will inevitably bring about tremendous changes to the production and life of the entire society. In the foreseeable time, the intelligent vehicle network will reshape people's definition of modern cars.

Electric Vehicle Charging
The common progress of various sectors of China's manufacturing industry, including GPRS and wireless modules, has jointly promoted the stability of automobile "autonomous driving" technology. With the addition of 5G network technology, autonomous driving will no longer be a fantasy. In the future, cars will be controlled remotely via 5G networks. At the same time, the car will monitor the surrounding environment through camera equipment and transmit information to a remote server. The server will quickly issue instructions based on the data provided by the smart car.
With autonomous driving technology, which liberates human eyes and hands, what can be done in the car? What people can do in other small spaces can be moved into the car, such as TV, games, office requirements, etc. . 5G technology will greatly increase network speed. A 10G movie can be downloaded in only 10 seconds.
In the 5G era, the DTU industrial router charging pile will become the key to solving the problem of electric vehicle charging
An important reason why electric vehicles are currently difficult to popularize is difficulty in charging. The construction of the infrastructure field requires cooperation between the government, enterprises and other departments. For related manufacturers, smart charging piles will be profitable. 
The use of smart charging piles can realize equipment location management, map display, real-time fault warning and maintenance work order allocation, and save manpower and material resources; in addition, by collecting equipment, user and operation data, charging pile operators can better manage Charging piles reduce operating costs and improve service quality.

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