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How many Devices can a POE Power Switch Power

The poe power switch provides power and data transmission using Category 5 Ethernet cables from a network node. 8+1 port fast Ethernet ports can be used for 10/100Mps connection, of which 8 ports can provide industry standard IEEE802.3af power supply. This article focuses on the characteristics of the poe industrial switch and how many devices the poe power switch can supply power.



Poe Power Switch



Features of poe industrial switches
1. The poe power switch supports power supply through wireless access points and network surveillance cameras (IPcameras) through Category 5 Ethernet cables;
2. The poe industrial switch supports the standard IEEE802.3af power supply (the maximum port power supply is 15.4W);
3. The poe industrial switch has 9 10/100Mbps adaptive RJ45 ports;
4. The poe industrial switch complies with IEEE802.310Base-T and IEEE802.3u100Base-TX standards;
5. Poe power switch flow control mode: full-duplex adopts IEEE802.3x standard, half-duplex adopts Backpressure standard;
6. Poe industrial switches support port auto-flip (AutoMDI/MDIX);
7. Support port lightning protection (port 9 meets the second-level lightning protection requirements);
8. The maximum poe power is 105W (all poe ports, ports 1 to 4);
9. The poe industrial switch adopts a store-and-forward switch mechanism;
10. All ports support wire-speed switching, which can reach wire-speed within the frame length range of 64~1536;
11. No fan can dissipate heat naturally, small and compact, plus a silent design, suitable for placement on a desktop or wall;
12. The zero-configuration characteristic power supply is automatically supplied to the self-adapting equipment, plug and play without software and protocol conversion;
13. The transmission distance of TG-NET's full Gigabit poe industrial switch can reach 100m, and the built-in PSE power supply module design is simple to install and plug and play. The poe industrial switch breaks the traditional way. It can not only transmit data but also transmit power through the network cable; at the same time, it supports WEB management, which can configure switch related functions simply and conveniently. It is very suitable for wireless city and security monitoring industries.
How many devices can a poe power switch supply power?
The power supply of the poe power supply switch needs to be considered according to the power of the device. Normally, there are 8 poe power ports, and the maximum power supply rate of each port is 30W. In this case, 8 devices can usually be connected. If your device power If it is less than 15W, there is no problem with connecting 8 devices, but if the power of the device is greater than 15W, there will be less than 8 devices, and it will look like 5 to 6 devices.
Regarding the situation of poe power switches, this article introduces the characteristics of poe industrial switches and how many devices the poe power supply switch can supply power. Poe power supply switches have advanced self-sensing algorithms and only supply power to standard PD terminal devices, so there is no need to worry about poe power switches that will damage private standard poe or non-poe devices.

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