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Why 5G Industrial LTE Routers is Better than 4G Industrial LTE Routers

In the current Internet age, 5G has basically become popular. There are 5G base stations in many places in the streets and alleys, and most of the mobile phones we use have started 5G networks. Industrial routers have gradually changed from 4G to 5G. So what are the 5G industrial lte routers compared to 4G industrial lte routers? 

5G Industrial LTE Routers
1. Compared with 4G routers, 5G routers have enhanced anti-interference ability
Compared with 4G routers, 5G industrial lte routers have very strong anti-interference capabilities. This is because 5G industrial lte routers have more powerful signal energy and higher frequency characteristics, but relatively, the signal propagation distance has become shorter, and the coverage area is also smaller than that of 4G. Therefore, in a smaller range and higher frequency, the interference between industrial 5G routers can be reduced to obtain a more stable signal.
2. Compared with 4G router, 5G router has faster transmission speed
Faster transmission speed is the most significant change between 5G industrial routers and 4G routers. Since the channel of the 5G frequency band is wide enough, the phenomenon of channel congestion affecting the transmission speed due to numerous WiFi signals around will be reduced. In fact, the speed of 5G industrial lte routers is about 10 times faster than 4G, which means that high-quality, ultra-high-resolution 4K video calls (standard for commercial digital movies) will be downloaded to the smart with a transmission speed of less than 20 milliseconds. Mobile phones and tablets. Different industries can also quickly process various information in a short period of time to improve work efficiency.
3. Compared with 4G routers, 5G routers have higher security
The network slicing technology of industrial 5G routers makes it more secure than other networks. Network slicing provides a dedicated network for service providers. They can fully control and support their IoT solutions through a dedicated network to achieve reliable communication, ensure cloud-based service quality and protect privacy. The 4G network shares the frequency spectrum with others, so it is more susceptible to interference, and thus it is not so easy to achieve privacy protection.
4. Compared with 4G routers, 5G routers support more equipment
Industrial routers are the most commonly used data collection wireless devices for the Internet of Things. Because of their mature technology, standardized protocols, and convenient layout, they are widely used in various scenarios such as equipment monitoring, smart cities, self-service terminals, and environmental monitoring. The emergence of 5G industrial lte routers will give more possibilities to the Internet of Things. Its higher speed, less delay, a larger number of connected devices, less interference and higher efficiency are enough to support industrial automation and artificial intelligence. , Smart cities, self-driving cars, virtual reality and other applications have become the mainstream of industry development.
To be sure, 5G industrial lte routers are expected to bring ultra-fast speeds in applications, change mobile networks and create new economic opportunities.

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