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How to use POE Industrial Ethernet Switch

The poe industrial Ethernet switch is simply an industrial Ethernet switch that supports network cable power supply. It can not only realize the data transmission function of ordinary industrial Ethernet switches, but also supply power to network terminals (such as video cameras and AP wireless devices) at the same time. This article will introduce how to use poe industrial Ethernet switches and how to configure poe industrial Ethernet switches.

POE Industrial Ethernet Switch
The standard poe industrial Ethernet switch will provide a low-voltage detection terminal device before power supply to detect whether the poe device is supported, if it does not supply power, if it is, the voltage will be gradually increased to complete the power supply, so the stable connection and operation of the network system can be ensured. The following are the steps to use a simple poe industrial Ethernet switch.
1. Connect the ADSL modem cable to any port of the Ethernet industrial Ethernet switch;
2. Set one of the notebooks, IP (or other), and subnet mask settings can be selected as the default, no other information will be filled in;
3. After establishing the link with the broadband connection that comes with the system, right-click the link and select "share". After dialing, this computer can be connected to the network;
4. Internet settings of the two computers: the subnet mask is the default when setting the IP, and the gateway setting uses one to run cmd and enter IPCONFIG /ALL to view DNS, and then fill in the dns of the second.
Poe industrial Ethernet switches are divided into managed poe industrial Ethernet switches and unmanaged poe industrial Ethernet switches. Non-managed poe industrial Ethernet switches specifically meet poe power supply, plug and play without configuration. The non-network management poe industrial Ethernet switch with mode switch also supports three working modes of standard switching, video monitoring and VLAN isolation, which can adapt to various complex environments.
The network-managed poe industrial Ethernet switch provides a variety of network management methods based on the terminal control port (Console), based on the Web page, and supporting Telnet to remotely log in to the network. First of all, there must be a configuration cable for the industrial Ethernet switch. The original poe industrial Ethernet switch cable is generally a console cable to connect to the industrial Ethernet switch, and the other is to connect the computer's serial port to the two cables. It can be connected directly with a network cable because there is a dedicated management network port reserved.
Therefore, network administrators can perform local or remote real-time monitoring of the working status and network operating status of the industrial Ethernet switch, and manage the working status and working mode of all switch ports in a global view. The managed industrial Ethernet switch supports the SNMP protocol. The SNMP protocol consists of a set of simple network communication specifications, which can complete all basic network management tasks, requires less network resources and has some stability mechanisms. The working mechanism of the SNMP protocol is very simple. It mainly realizes the exchange of network information through various types of messages.
This article introduces how to use poe industrial Ethernet switches and how to configure them. Pay attention to avoid buying non-standard network jumpers of unqualified quality. Because they are not produced in strict accordance with the requirements of standard network cables, copper-clad steel/aluminum/iron may occur. Therefore, the resistance of the network cable will be large and not suitable for poe power supply.     

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