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Analysis of the Current Situation and the Future Development Trend of Industrial Ethernet Switch

The market demand for industrial Ethernet switches is very wide, whether the new modern manufacturing production line or the transformation of old equipment will use industrial Ethernet a lot. So, what is the status quo of specific industrial Ethernet switches? 

Industrial Ethernet Switch Market
1. Analysis of the Current Situation of Industrial Ethernet Switch
In the industrial Ethernet switch market, electric power and rail transit are the key application fields of the industrial switch, accounting for 70% of the market. About 50 vendors are active in China's industrial Ethernet switch market.
At present, the industrial Ethernet switch market in China is mainly introduced by foreign-funded or Taiwan-funded brands, and the top ten manufacturers except our company are foreign-funded or Taiwan-funded enterprises. Chinese industrial Ethernet switch industry concentration is high, the sum of market share of the top ten industrial Ethernet switch manufacturers in the China market in 2018 is more than 80%. With the rapid growth of the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market, the number of enterprises entering the field of industrial Ethernet switches will gradually increase in the next few years, and the market competition will become increasingly fierce. 
In the future, new enterprises will still be mainly European and American and Taiwan enterprises, domestic enterprises due to technology and capital, and other factors, there is still a great difficulty to enter the field of industrial Ethernet switch.
2. The Future Development Trend of Industrial Ethernet Switch
With the continuous advancement of the industrial automation process and the continuous implementation of industrial Ethernet technology, China's industrial Ethernet switch will have greater development in the future. The continuous maturity of equipment technology means that the function of industrial Ethernet is also more powerful, the automated production process is more fluent, to improve production efficiency is undoubtedly a very huge boost. 
From the technical point of view, real-time communication and stability are the focus of industrial Ethernet switch products. With the development of wireless networks and Bluetooth network technology, industrial Ethernet switches will continue to move forward.
From the product point of view, multi-function is the development direction of industrial Ethernet switch. Network management industrial Ethernet switches are more powerful than non-network management switches. 
From the market point of view, the future market competition will be more intense, there will be more manufacturers in China's industrial Ethernet switch market. The transportation and power industries will develop faster than other industries.
In the field of industrial Ethernet switches, this paper mainly introduces the future development trend of industrial Ethernet switches. There are huge business opportunities in the field of industrial Ethernet switches, but the competition is also fierce because of the huge market. In the future, with the continuous advancement of industrial automation, industrial Ethernet switch will also play a more powerful role.

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