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What is the Industrial Ethernet Connection Method

Ethernet is a widely used local area network technology at present. The TECHNICAL standard of Ethernet has been developed by IEEE, which stipulates the connection of physical layer and the content of the protocol of electronic signal and media access layer. Industrial Ethernet needs the correct wiring to make the normal operation of the equipment, this article will introduce what is the industrial Ethernet connection method.

Local Area Network
1. Industrial Ethernet Connection Method
Industrial Ethernet connection including the connection and the optical fiber network connection of electric network, they can also be mixed electrical connection can use ELM (electrical link modules), the ESM (circuit switch module), optical fiber connection can use OLM (fiber optic link modules), OSM (light path switching module).  If the network is connected to a redundant ring network, one of the switches (ESM or OSM) must be set to RM mode. 
In a shared LOCAL area network (LAN), where all sites share network performance and data transmission bandwidth, all packets pass through all network segments and only one packet can be transmitted at a time. 
In switched LOCAL area network (LAN), each network segment can achieve the overall performance and data transmission rate of the network, and multiple packets can be transmitted simultaneously in multiple network segments. Local data communication is carried out on the local network segment. Only the specified data packets can go beyond the local network segment.
A switch module is a device developed from a network bridge. The switch module filters data based on Ethernet MAC addresses of terminals. The data on a local subnet is still local, and the switch module transmits only the data sent to other sub-network terminals. Compared with normal Ethernet, it expands the number of terminals that can be connected and limits the transmission of errors within a subnet across the entire network.
2. Industrial Ethernet Connection Method
The same connection on both sides is called a flat connection, and the different connection on both sides is called twisted connection. A flat connection is used between different equipment. The same equipment is connected using torsional wires. Flat connections are used when connecting computers, routers, hubs, and switches. 
This is because there are four lines in a network cable, one for input and one for output, and the input should correspond to the output. If you connect 1 to 3 or 2 to 6, you're sending your output to your input. This can make the network card into the working state, prevent empty interface closure, and affect the operation of some programs.
About the problem of an industrial Ethernet connection, this paper mainly introduces the industrial Ethernet connection mode. In short, if you want Ethernet to work properly, you must connect the connector as required. As for the specific connection, you can refer to the previous content.
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