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What are the Industrial Wireless Transmission Methods

In the traditional industrial control transmission data to be carried out through the wired way, this way of transmission time cycle is long, the consumption of manpower and material resources, and equipment inspection are not convenient. With the development of communication technology, wireless communication can now be used for data transmission, providing better monitoring and management for industrial control equipment. This article will introduce the main points of industrial wireless transmission mode.

Industrial Wireless
So, what are the industrial wireless transmission methods?
At present, the free licenses of wireless transmission mainly include WIFI, ZIGBEE, Bluetooth and infrared. 
Generally, the sensor is connected to the data acquisition module and then connected to the WIFI module. The basic principle is like the logic of the mobile phone accessing the Internet through WIFI at home. After the data is transmitted to the computer, the subsequent processing can be carried out.
Sensor connection data acquisition module connected to the GPRS module, the module needs to insert a China Mobile or Unicom SIM card, through the form of traffic to send data to a fixed number, this number is fixed IP, (general household IP address is dynamic), Then access the public network through the Internet to obtain the data on the fixed IP address for subsequent processing. This is mainly the use cost of fixed IP for a year and the regular traffic fee is relatively high. 

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