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Why is Industrial Router has been used in Various Industries

We often see vending machines, intelligent bus stops, smart streetlights, charging pile monitoring and financial, electric power, postal, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorological environmental data monitoring light industry will use the industrial router, so why the industrial router is used by large industry, then what are the advantages of the industrial router, Why are industrial routers being used by more and more industries?  Let's look at it! 

Smart Industry
Industrial routers have many advantages, so they are using in large industries.
1. Industrial routers have rich routing protocols and transmission security. The network environment is particularly important for enterprises and engineering. Traditional routers in preventing the respect such as virus & hacker is not so good industrial router, industrial support IPsec router/L2TP/the PPTP / / L2TP OpenVPN/GRE over IPsec VPN agreement. Carrier APN private network access and IP address specified. Embedded PPP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU, and other protocols, compatible with manufacturer's proprietary protocols. Multi-layer encrypted transmission ensures the security and accuracy of data, and data transmission reaches financial standards. 
2. Industrial routers have high protection and good stability, which are the biggest characteristics of industrial routers. Since most industrial routers work outdoors, they must have strong stability, especially when no one is on duty, and problems with routers will increase maintenance costs. 
3. The industrial router has high EMC electromagnetic compatibility, high and low-temperature resistance (-35℃ to 75℃), wide voltage (5V-35V), Super moisture-proof, lightning-proof, electromagnetic interference proof ability, to ensure the equipment in bad environment stable operation, not crash. 
4. Industrial routers have strong data processing capacity, industrial routers are using high-performance ARM processors, so the data processing capacity is very strong, can accommodate multiple devices at the same time high-speed Internet access.
5. Industrial routers support remote operation, remote monitoring, remote management, and remote upgrade operation is also very convenient. 
6. Provide rich interface, industrial router not only support 5G/4G/3G to WIFI, to wired function, and configure RS232/RS485 serial port, support serial port to Ethernet transparent transmission. 
Industries that use industrial routers
1. Smart Streetlamps
By monitoring parameters such as ambient light and traffic flow, municipal managers can control the brightness of streetlamps and turn them on and off, saving a lot of electricity. If the streetlamp fails, the system will immediately report for repair, reducing the risk of accidents or crime.
2. Smart Meter
Wirelessly connected meters enable remote meter reading and some applications, such as stepped electricity tariffs and two-way metering electricity meters. Smart meters can also detect and report power theft, circuit leakage, and other events. 
3. Smart Parking
Smart parking, based on proximity detection sensors, is another IoT application that can send drivers information about available parking spaces in advance, avoiding traffic congestion and making charging by parking time more accurate. 
4.Health Industry
This is the upcoming IoT application that will revolutionize end-user health care.  A variety of wearable sensors collect important physiological parameters such as body temperature and blood pressure of patients, and then send them to the online health profile of patients through IoT gateway, creating an accurate physiological parameter profile for users.  For healthcare professionals, data related to a patient's health history is an effective diagnostic tool that can be analyzed in real-time and, in an emergency, act quickly to save the patient immediately. 
5. Smart Industry
It can also play an important role in monitoring and optimizing industrial processes. The appearance of low power sensor nodes opens a new way in the field of industrial automation. Low power sensor nodes have been a big challenge in the past. In addition to industrial automation applications, they can also replace human work in dangerous environments that are harmful or inaccessible to human beings.

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