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What is the Power Supply Mode of the POE Industrial Switch

POE is called a local area network-based power supply system or active Ethernet, sometimes referred to as power over Ethernet. This is a new standard specification that uses the existing standard Ethernet transmission cable to transmit data and electrical power at the same time, and maintains the same The compatibility of Ethernet systems and users. So what is the specific power supply mode of the poe industrial switch, and what is the output voltage of the poe industrial switch? This article will give you a specific introduction.

POE Industrial Switch
What is the power supply mode of poe industrial switches?
1. Point-to-point power supply
It means that 220V alternating current is directly drawn from the monitoring room, and DC12V2A power supply is connected next to the camera. The advantage is that 220V alternating current has low voltage loss during transmission and strong anti-interference ability. The disadvantage is that each point must be installed with a power supply, so the construction is more troublesome.
2. Centralized power supply
It refers to the use of 12V switching power supply to centrally supply power to the front-end load in the monitoring room or at an intermediate point. The advantage is that the construction is more convenient and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that the DC low-voltage power supply transmission distance is too long, the voltage loss is high, and the anti-interference ability during the transmission process is poor.
3. POE power supply
POE refers to a technology that supplies power to some network devices that need electricity through a network cable. The network cable contains both data signals and power signals. The advantage is that the construction is simple, flexible and convenient, which can ensure the normal operation of the existing network while ensuring the stability of the existing structured wiring, and can reduce the cost by a large amount. The disadvantage is that the quality of the network cable is relatively high, and the transmission distance is limited and cannot exceed 100 meters.
What is the output voltage of the poe industrial switch
In the early days when the POE power supply standard was determined, there was a debate about how much the power supply voltage should be set to. Afterwards, constant discussion and research set the voltage at 48V, and it is also possible to fluctuate a little bit, that is, the supply voltage is between 44-57V.
Anyone who understands POE power supply knows that it is realized through a network cable, that is, the power signal and data signal are transmitted in the network cable to the receiving end device at the other end. If the voltage of the power supply end is not enough or the voltage is 40V, it will cause the data signal. The transmission distance is drastically reduced.
In theory, the higher the voltage, the farther the power transmission is. But don't forget how much the network cable can withstand. The network cable will have current after the power is supplied. The greater the current, the greater the strength of the network cable. If it exceeds 2A, problems or dangers will occur. Just like the wires used in our homes, if the wire itself is very thin but connected to a high-power electrical appliance, then the possibility of burning the wire is stored. The POE power supply voltage is naturally not that large, so 48V is a compromise.
In short, there are three main ways of power supply for poe industrial switches, these three ways have their own characteristics and advantages, as for the output voltage is usually 44-57V.

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