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The Difference Between DTU and Industrial Router

We mentioned earlier that the routers used in industry are industrial routers, but in industrial connection, DTU also realizes the wireless network data transmission function, so what is the difference between DTU and industrial router?

Today we will distinguish the difference between DTU and industrial routers from three aspects: appearance interface, usage method and application environment.
Data Transmission
1. Look at the difference between DTU and industrial routers from the outside
The appearance interface of an industrial router usually has a network port, which provides wireless networking functions for the network port device. The data transmission can be completed only by the network port device actively accessing the center. Usually the router will provide a variety of network interface methods for WAN port, LAN or freely switchable WAN/LAN port. You can customize the matching interface method according to the connection method in the project.
However, the appearance interface of DTU generally only provides serial interface networking. Mainly used for two-way transparent transmission between serial port data and IP data. And some projects need to use both a network port and a serial port. What should I do? In the current era of rapid technological development, routers and DTU functions have been integrated, such as Baima industrial routers, which have a WAN port + n· LAN port, and also RS232/485 serial port equipment, which integrates multiple functions.
2. There are also certain differences between DTU and industrial routers in the usage method
Industrial routers can convert Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols, and only need to set the designated IP address as a gateway on the terminal device. If the designated IP address (or designated IP address segment) is not set, the communication function cannot be realized.
The main purpose of DTU is to realize dial-up, not a gateway in the true sense. For example, after 4G DTU is connected to the terminal device to complete the dial-up link, the DTU can be used as a new network device, and the terminal device address can use this DTU binding address.
3. The environment used by DTU and industrial routers is also very different
Industrial routers usually have VPN/APN functions and private network encryption. They are suitable for projects with higher security requirements, such as video surveillance for exams, street lamp surveillance, oil field and oil well monitoring, financial industry self-service terminals, drone room monitoring, etc. In addition, the industrial 4G router with WIFI function is suitable for outdoor WIFI wireless signal coverage projects and similar bus WIFI, shopping mall WIFI sharing projects.
DTU is suitable for equipment networking, field networking, and is mostly used in industries with low security requirements such as transparent transmission.

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