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Three Management Modes of Industrial Ethernet Switches

How the harsh outdoor work environment to ensure the stability of data transmission, high adaptability to network and communications equipment requirements, the industrial-grade reliability of the ethernet switches have a power failure, port interrupt, made of relay output alarm, redundant double DC power input, active circuit protection, automatic cut-off overvoltage, under voltage protection. It can be effective, stable transmission over ethernet. Industrial ethernet switch, as the core equipment of industrial ethernet, is a data link layer device in essence, just like the traditional switch. 

Industrial Ethernet Switch
Three Management Modes of Industrial Ethernet Switch
1. Manage through serial ports
Industrial ethernet switch come with a serial cable for switch management. First, plug one end of the serial cable into the serial port on the back of the switch and the other end into the serial port of a common computer. Then switch on the switch and power the industrial computer. The HyperTerminal program is available in Windows. Open HyperTerminal and set connection parameters. You can interact with the switch through a serial cable. This method does not occupy switch bandwidth, so it is called "out of band management".
In this management mode, the switch provides a menu-driven console interface or command-line interface. You can use the TAB or arrow keys to move through menus and submenus, press enters to execute corresponding commands, or use a dedicated switch management command set to manage switches. Switches of different brands have different command sets. Switches of the same brand even have different commands. Use the menu commands are easier to use.
2.Using WEB to manage
Industrial ethernet switch can be managed through the Web (a web browser), but you must assign an IP address to the switch. This IP address serves no other purpose than to manage the switch. By default, the switch does not have an IP address. To enable this management mode, you must specify an IP address through a serial port or other means.
When using a web browser to manage a switch, the switch acts as a Web server, except that page are not stored on the hard disk, but in the switch's NVRAM, where web programs can be upgraded. When an administrator types the switch's IP address into a browser, the switch acts like a server delivering web pages to your computer, giving you the feeling that you are visiting a web page. It's like a website. This method occupies the bandwidth of the switch and is called in-band management.
If you want to manage the switch, just click on the corresponding function in the web page and change the switch's parameters in the text box or drop-down list. Web management This method can be implemented on a local area network, so remote management can be implemented.
3.Managed through network management software
It complies with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which is a set of network device management specifications that meet international standards. All devices that follow the SNMP protocol can be managed by using the network management software. You only need to install a set of SNMP network management software on a network management workstation, and you can easily manage switches, industrial routers, and servers on the network through a LAN. Through the interface of SNMP network management software, it is also an in-band management mode.

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