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What is an Industrial IoT Secure Internet Gateway? The Role of an Industrial Secure Internet Gateway

The industrial IoT secure internet gateway is a very important part of the IoT system. For industrial equipment, the IoT secure internet gateway is a bridge to communicate with the outside world.

The industrial IoT secure internet gateway enables distributed industrial equipment to realize data interaction, and then communicates with the Internet through the IoT gateway. The gateway has powerful protocol parsing capabilities.
The IoT secure internet gateway can collect the corresponding data of various PLC, instrumentation and other equipment and support MODBUS reading and writing, support 4G, 5G, WIFI, wired Ethernet, optical fiber, LORA and other networking access methods, and support the realization of industrial Remote debugging, diagnostics and upload and download procedures for devices.
Secure Internet Gateway
1. What is an IoT secure internet gateway?
As the Internet of Things grows, businesses find themselves challenged to integrate multiple devices and protocols, many of which have different power and connectivity requirements. This combination may also include legacy technologies. IoT secure internet gateways are becoming an important part of building a robust IoT and providing computing power in edge computing scenarios.
2. What functions does an IoT secure internet gateway perform?
IoT secure internet gateways have evolved to perform many tasks, from simple data filtering to visualization and complex analytics. These smart devices are helping drive the current wave of IoT expansion.
3. The multifunctional IoT secure internet gateway can do any of the following:
Facilitate communication with traditional or non-Internet-connected devices. Data caching, buffering, and streaming; data preprocessing, cleaning, filtering, and optimization; some data aggregation; inter-device communication/M2M; network functions and hosting real-time data; data visualization and basic data analytics via IoT secure internet gateway applications; short-term Data History Features; Security – Manage user access and network security features; device configuration management; system diagnostics.
4. IoT secure internet gateways and edge computing
In edge computing, critical data processing occurs at the data source, rather than centralized in cloud-based locations. Versatile IoT secure internet gateways are an important part of delivering edge computing capabilities to field or factory technicians. IoT gateways equipped with these capabilities are called "smart" gateways.
5. Introduction to the role of industrial IoT secure internet gateways
5.1 Rich interfaces and easy deployment
Support 4G, 3G, PPPOE, Wi-Fi network, LORA, digital IO input and output, serial terminal communication, and provide different access solutions for different applications.
5.2 Internet of Everything and Efficient Access
Embedded protocol analyzer, supports mainstream industrial control protocols and customized unique protocols; realizes local calculation through policy rule calculation and application deployment and distribution, and improves the control ability and real-time performance of the device.
5.3 Build a high-performance, high-concurrency application system
Support various edge computing rules (smart collection, data filtering, alarm calculation, grouping strategy, etc.) and standardize the data to reduce the pressure on the cloud service center, thus greatly improving the robustness and high concurrency of the system; Support access to third-party high-performance service suites to achieve high concurrent access, saving project R&D and construction costs.
5.4 High reliability embedded system design
1) Secure internet gateway link detection design: support real-time link detection, realize automatic re-pulling of dropped calls, and maintain a long link connection.
2) Secure internet gateway fault self-healing design: Embedded hardware watchdog and software watchdog technology, equipment running fault self-healing, to ensure high availability of equipment.
3) Secure internet gateway Security Guard: Through the system security guard, the system status and application status are detected in real time, and the insecure and unstable nodes of the system are prevented and restored.
5.5 Powerful security features
1) Data transmission security: Support L2TP, PPTP, IPSec VPN, Open VPN, and CA certificates to ensure secure data transmission.
2) Network protection security: Powerful firewall function, which can customize a full range of protection strategies according to customer needs, such as supporting SPI full state detection, Secure Shell (SSH), intrusion protection (forbidding Ping), DDoS defense, attack defense, IP -The wall function such as MAC binding protects the network from external attacks.
3) All nodes provide authentication and end-to-end encryption services. These nodes include device-side and various cloud services. The IoT suite also provides device-level permission granularity services, which ensure that devices or applications only have corresponding access permissions , in order to operate certain resources.

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