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The Difference Between Serial Server and Serial to Ethernet Module

There are two main serial to Ethernet products on the market today, namely, serial port server and serial to Ethernet module. Before starting the project, the user first needs to consider whether to choose a serial server or a serial to Ethernet module.

Serial to Ethernet Module
The difference between serial server and serial to Ethernet module is as follows:
1. From the appearance
The serial port server is a serial port to Ethernet module plus a shell, which has the function of electromagnetic isolation. The built in serial port to Ethernet module of USR TCP232 300 serial server is USR TCP232 24.
2. In terms of volume
The size of the serial port to Ethernet module is about 44×32×15mm, and the size of the serial server is about 95×84×25mm.
3. From the price
The price of serial to Ethernet module is cheaper than that of serial server. Once users pass the test, they will purchase in large quantities.
4. Functionally
The functions of the serial server and the serial to ethernet module are exactly the same.
All in all, if your serial device is a ready made device, and the device casing cannot be opened and put into the module, then you can choose a serial server, which can be used externally. But the price is relatively high.
If you are the manufacturer of the serial device and have the ability to reassemble and design the device, and the usage is large, and you need to reduce the cost, you can consider using a serial port to Ethernet module and build the module into your device.

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