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The Advantages of MQTT Router

Four-Faith MQTT 4G industrial router is based on an MQTT protocol, also known as MQTT router, support 4G full Netcom, WIFI, Ethernet, switch, router DTU, RS232, RS485. Support remote control terminal equipment, such as PLC, touch screen, instrument remote download program, remote debugging.

What is MQTT?
MQTT is a lightweight communication protocol based on publish/subscribe. It is built on TCP/IP and was released by IBM in 1999. The biggest advantage of MQTT is that it can provide real-time, reliable messaging services for connecting remote devices with very little code and limited bandwidth. As an instant messaging protocol with low overhead and bandwidth consumption, it is widely used in the Internet of Things, small devices, mobile applications, and etc.
MQTT protocol
MQTT protocol is designed for the communication of many remote sensors and control devices with limited computing power and working on low bandwidth and unreliable networks. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. Use publish/subscribe messaging pattern to provide one-to-many messaging to decouple applications
2. Transmit the payload content masked messages
3. Using TCP/IP provide network connection
4. There are three qualities of messaging service: "At most once," "At least once," and "Only once."
5. Small transfer, very low overhead (fixed length header is 2 bytes), minimal protocol switching to reduce network traffic.
6. Mechanisms for notifying interested parties of client outages using the Last Will and Testament features
4G industrial router
Four-Faith 5G/4G industrial-grade wireless router, using industrial-grade design, LINUX system, compatible with the mainstream protocols include TCP (Custom TCP, FTCP, HTCP), UDP, MODBUS (MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU), HTTP client, TCP server, MQTT, 212 (Optional). Applicable to the harsh environment, VPN virtual private network. It has 2 road network ports, 1 RS232, 1 RS485. Widely used in remote monitoring, remote control, and other fields.

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