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What is the 5G Intelligent Gateway, the Advantages of Four-Faith 5G Intelligent Gateway

The 5G intelligent gateway can integrate information gathered by different objects and transmit it to the next level, so that information can be transmitted between the parts. 5G intelligent gateway can achieve the sensing network and communication network, as well as the protocol conversion between different types of sensing networks. It can also achieve both wide-area interconnection and local interconnection.


The intelligent gateway provides the following 3 key features:
1. Ability to Sense Network Access
Firstly, the gateway of the Internet of Things has the function of obtaining the information of the attributes and status of each node, that is, it can perceive the real-time status of each node.
2. Interoperability of Heterogeneous Networks
The gateway access of the Internet of Things inevitably requires cross-domain communication, so it needs the perfect addressing technology to ensure that information of all nodes can be accurately, efficiently, and safely located & queried. With the development of Internet of Things applications, the number of node addresses will gradually increase, and its encoding structure is different from the domain name structure in DNS, so a set of addressing technology different from the Internet is needed to meet the needs.
3. Standardization of Communication and Data Formats
The gateway must implement protocol conversion from the sensor network to the traditional communication network, encapsulate the standard format data transmitted at the protocol adaptation layer in a unified manner, unpack the data sent from the wide-area access layer into standard format data, parse commands, and then convert the data into signals and control commands that can be identified by the sensing layer protocol.
Terminal Device Driver
5G Intelligent Gateway
Industrial-grade Design 
1. High temperature resistance
2. EMC4
3. Durable
Strong Stability and Reliability
1. Dual-core high-performance hardware platform
2. WDT watchdog design, more stable system
3. With local storage and breakpoint continuation to ensure data never lost
4. The complete anti-drop mechanism, stable data transmission
High Security
1. Supports encryption modes such as DES and 3DES, and supports VRRP hot backup
2. Support hardware encryption and APN/VPDN private network for data security 
3. Support SPI firewall, VPN traversal, access control, and URL filtering 
4. Support eSIM to prevent SIM card theft
Support Customized Development 
1. Can provide dialing status, signal value, CPU usage and other API interfaces 
2. Can provide Python development environment 
3. Support customized development of software functions 
4. Support customized development of hardware functions

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