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How to Connect the Fiber Converter to the Industrial Switch

The photoelectric converter is generally used in the actual network environment where the Ethernet cable cannot cover and the optical fiber should be used to extend the transmission distance, and is usually positioned in the access layer application of the broadband metropolitan area network. So what is the specific principle of the optical-to-electrical converter and how to connect the optical fiber converter to the Industrial Switch? This article will combine these two issues for you.

Industrial Switch
1. What is the principle of photoelectric converter
The photoelectric conversion device mainly uses the photoelectric effect to convert optical signals into electrical signals. The special requirements of solar cells for photoelectric conversion materials are high conversion efficiency and can be made into large-area devices in order to better absorb sunlight. Since the discovery of the photoelectric effect, photoelectric conversion devices have been developed by leaps and bounds. At present, various photoelectric conversion devices have been widely used in various industries.
A photomultiplier is an electric vacuum device that converts a weak input into electrons and multiplies the electrons. When the intensity of the optical signal changes, the number of photoelectrons emitted by-changes accordingly. Since the multiplication factor of each multiplier ji basically remains constant, the + current also changes with the change of the optical signal.
Enterprises usually pay more attention to network equipment used for node data exchange such as routers, Industrial Switches and even network cards when carrying out informatization infrastructure construction, but often ignore media conversion, which is not essential to the network core equipment.
Especially in some government agencies and enterprises that require a high degree of informatization and large data traffic, the network needs to be directly connected to the backbone network using optical fiber as the transmission medium, and the transmission medium of the internal LAN of the enterprise is generally copper wire. The media conversion equipment for the smooth transmission of data packets between different networks has become an on-demand product. The photoelectric converter uses the conversion of the photoelectric signal in the local area network, but only the signal conversion without the conversion of the interface protocol.
2. How to connect the fiber converter to the Industrial Switch
Optical fiber converters are generally used in the actual network environment where Ethernet cables cannot be covered and optical fibers should be used to extend the transmission distance. At the same time, they also play a huge role in helping to connect the one-kilometer line at the end of the optical fiber to the metropolitan area network and the outer network. The role of. With the optical fiber converter, it also provides a cheap solution for users who need to upgrade the system from copper wire to optical fiber, and for users who lack funds, manpower or time. The function of the optical fiber converter is to convert the electrical signal to be sent into an optical signal and send it out, and at the same time, it can convert the received optical signal into an electrical signal and input it to the receiving end.
The general optical fiber converter is the same as the general Industrial Switch. It can be used when plugged in without any configuration. The optical fiber plug-in port and the RJ45 crystal plug plug-in port, but please note that the transceiver needs to receive and send one by one.
Relatively speaking, the principle of photoelectric converter is relatively easy to understand, but what we need to understand more is the function and purpose of photoelectric converter, and how to use photoelectric converter. In short, the photoelectric converter has solved the problem of Ethernet transmission well, and has been well applied in the actual network environment where the Ethernet cable cannot cover and the optical fiber should be used to extend the transmission distance.

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