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What is an Ethernet Switch, the Introduction of Ethernet Switch Basic Function

With the popularity of 100-megabit, 1 gigabit and 1000 gigabit LANs, industrial Ethernet switches are increasingly used to support high bandwidth applications in deployment backbone networks, data centers, and server rooms. Ethernet switch is a network device that implements data transmission and switching based on Ethernet. So, what are its main functions?

Transmission Medium
The Ethernet switch is a switch that transmits data over the Ethernet. Each port is directly connected to the device and works in full-duplex mode. The switch can be connected to multiple pairs of ports at the same time, so that each pair of hosts communicating with each other can independently transmit data without conflicts.
Industrial Ethernet Switches
Basic Functions of Industrial Ethernet Switches
1. Provides the Network Interface Connectivity: 
Industrial Ethernet switch main function is to provide a network interface for network devices in the network system, to achieve interconnection between equipment.
2. Extensible Network Interface: 
General Ethernet switches have 48 ports maximum, when the network demand is large, Ethernet switch can meet the demand of the network to stack.
3. Extended Network Range:
An Industrial Ethernet Switch is connected to network devices only through the transmission medium. The transmission distance of each transmission medium is different and limited based on the network technology. When the network coverage is large, The Ethernet switch doubles the transmission distance and increases the network range.
4. The Industrial Ethernet Switch Learning Function: 
Ethernet switch can understand every port connected device's MAC address, and the MAC address to the corresponding port mapping, stored in the MAC address table cached of the switch.
5. Forwarding/Filtering Functions of Industrial Ethernet Switches:
When the destination address of a data frame is mapped in the MAC address table, it is forwarded to the port connecting to the destination.
6. The Elimination of Industrial Ethernet Switch Circuit Function: 
When the Ethernet switches include a redundant circuit, it can pass the spanning tree protocol to avoid generating circuits and allow existing backup paths.

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