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Introduction of the Industrial Router in 5G Intelligent Port Networking Solution

"Intelligent Port" has strict requirements on communication connection with low delay, large bandwidth, and high reliability. The communication system of large special operation equipment of automated port should meet efficient and reliable transmission of control information and multi-channel video information. At present, optical fiber, Wi-Fi, and other communication methods used in port automation have problems such as high construction & operation cost, poor stability, and reliability, etc. The characteristics of 5G technology such as low delay, high bandwidth, high reliability, and large capacity, combined with the port private network scheme based on 5G virtual park network and end-to-end application components, provides a new solution for the port to solve the communication problems of automation equipment, and injects new power into the construction of "Intelligent Port".

Intelligent Port
Industry Pain Points:
1. Wired fiber has high deployment cost and difficult operation and maintenance
2. LTE networks have limited bandwidth
3. Manual management is inefficient
4. Safety risks, production efficiency cannot be guaranteed
Introduction of 5G Intelligent Port Networking Solution:
Communication System
Using a 5G industrial router and core network to form a secure network. The video of the tower crane can be collected and monitored, and the communication system data of the tower crane transmitted by the control industrial computer can be viewed in real-time. The transmitted data such as tower crane angle, lifting weight during work, load moment and return angle, etc. Those data are transmitted back to the data center through the DTU function, and the data received by the security monitoring software of the data center. The data will be displayed on the communication system interface, and the staff can check the on-site situation through the data.
Advantages of Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router:
5G Industrial Router
1. Support NSA and SA networks, compatible with various all communication system operators
2. WDT double watchdog design, increase communication system stability
3. Supports intelligent switching between 5G/4G and wired network, and supports IPV6/IPV4
4. Support local data storage to prevent data never loss
5. Using high-performance quad-core hardware platform
6. Using complete anti-drop mechanism, data transmission is stable
7. Support Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G and 5.8G)
8. Industrial design, high and low temperature resistance, and durability

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