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The Effect of 5G Multifunctional Smart Street Light Pole Solution

The construction of a smart city is an important way to promote the modern city to be convenient, intelligent, and sustainable. The establishment and spread of a communication base station are an important link. The WIFI module embedded in the smart street light pole system and the establishment of a micro-base station give full play to the advantages of street light poles everywhere. The base station has concealment and universality, and it can deal with the problems of difficult base station construction site, large investment, and lack of signal strength, providing another possibility for the future expansion of the communication operators.

Smart Light Pole
In terms of function, except intelligent dimming LED streetlamps and intelligent control systems, smart street light poles are equipped with environmental monitors to measure wind speed, climate, PM2.5, etc. RFID radio frequency identification and camera, HD LED display, can do property monitoring, people flow density monitoring, special crowd monitoring, traffic accident responsibility auxiliary judgment, danger alarm. The big LED screen can be used as municipal information to collect advertising revenue.
Smart Street Light Pole System Environmental Monitoring Components
1. Sensing Layer: 
Connect corresponding sensors to measure noise, SO2, NO2, O3, DU, CO, H2S, HF, air particulate matter (TSP), PM10, and other data in the air. Connect the corresponding meteorological instrument to measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc.
2. Network Transmission Layer: 
The perceptive layer device connects to the smart light pole gateway, transmits the collected data to the cloud management platform, and sends it to all management departments in real-time.
3. Platform Management Center: 
Monitor environmental quality and issue danger alarm for abnormal data to avoid health hazards.
All IoT data collection and transmission on the road, including video, picture, audio, weather, exhaust gas, alarm, people flow, logistics, underground pipeline sensor data, geographic location data, etc. Can be collected through various field sensors and IP cameras installed on the smart light pole and Four-Faith 5G smart light pole gateway F-G300.
5G Smart Light Pole Gateway F-G300
Four Faith F-G300 is a smart gateway, specially designed for the smart street light pole application. It provides users with long-distance & big data transmission functions by using the public cable, optical fiber, and 4G/5G network.
Smart Street Light Pole
Total 7 ports of the LAN on F-G300 gateway can provide data channel and power supply for IP camera, LED display, sound column, visual intercom, etc. It also can provide data channel for charging piles. Support rail and wall mounting, can be installed inside the smart light pole.

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