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Working Principle of Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet switch is used in the field of industrial control of the switch equipment, the network standard used in this switch is open and widely used, can adapt to low temperature and high temperature and another complex environment. This article will introduce the industrial Ethernet switch working principle.

Industrial Environments
The working principle of industrial Ethernet switch is this: when a frame arrives when it checks the destination address and the corresponding MAC address table if there is the destination address is forwarding if there is no flood (radio) if there is no MAC address is same discarded after radio, if you have the same host will host MAC the MAC address is automatically added to the table. 
Industrial Ethernet switch in industrial design in the design of industrial wide temperature design, 3 electromagnetic compatibility design, redundant AC and DC power input, in addition to PCB board generally do "three protection" processing. 
Industrial field environment than the general environment is bad, at least in terms of vibration and temperature than ordinary conditions, ordinary switches on the design of resist in complex environment situations, general switches are usually not long-time work under the bad environment, often prone to failure make maintenance costs rise, it is generally not recommended to use commercial switches in industrial environments. 
To make the switches work in this harsh environment, it is necessary to produce switches that can adapt to this environment. The reliability of industrial switches includes power failure, port interruption, alarm by relay output, and redundant dual DC power input.

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