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Differences Between Industrial Ethernet Switches and Industrial Routers

Industrial Ethernet switch is used in the industrial field of switch equipment, because of the network standard adopted and its good openness, wide application, and other characteristics, industrial Ethernet switch can withstand the harsh working environment. This article introduces the differences between industrial Ethernet switches and industrial router

Industrial Ethernet Switches
1. The Appearance of the Industrial Ethernet Switch is Different from the Industrial Router
Industrial Ethernet switches support many interfaces, including 8 ports, 10 ports, 16 ports, and switches. In addition to WAN ports, industrial routers generally only have less than 4 LAN ports. 
2. Industrial Ethernet Switches and Industrial Router Work at Different Layers
An Industrial Ethernet switch is a device that occurs in the second layer of the network, the data link layer. The industrial routers are devices work at the third network layer that address based on IP addresses. Industrial routers can handle TCP/IP whereas industrial Ethernet switches cannot.
3. Industrial Ethernet Switches and Industrial Routers Have Different Functions
Industrial Ethernet switch is through the cable network, expand LAN access point so that more terminals to achieve networking. Industrial routers are connected through cellular networks and are used as indirect networks that can connect different networks. 
4. Industrial Ethernet Switches and Industrial Routers handle networks Differently
Industrial Ethernet switches are based on "MAC" address in the relay layer, used to allocate network data and do not support firewall function. The industrial router supports "TCP/IP" protocol through the network layer, and can automatically allocate IP and virtual accounts for the LAN through IP address processing. It also supports the firewall to ensure stable data passage. 
As you can see, industrial Ethernet switches are very different from industrial routers, and these differences are destined to be used in different environments. But the industrial Ethernet switch has many advantages, its superior performance makes it widely used in various fields.

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