Four-Faith Chain Supermarket Cash Register Solution Base on Industrial Router

Date:2021-07-28 09:59:04

As the retail industry develops at an unprecedented speed, its management becomes increasingly complicated, because the amount of data processed daily and the number of steps of commodity circulation have both increased considerably. As a result, the old fashion manual management can no longer handle the complicated market and new management technique is in urgent need.
Chain operation has occupied a dominant position in developed countries and has become the main organization form in the circulation field of developed countries in the world today. In China, though has just started, chain operation has already attracted widespread attention from society. This has proven that chain operation is an essential direction in modern business development and is of paramount importance to the retail industry. According to the current situation of Chinese retail enterprises, enhancing chain operation is a top priority in China.
Supermarket Cash Register
Industry Pain Points:
Traditional market management lacks efficient means of managing supplier information and cannot achieve centralized management, which increases the workload of the manager.
Traditional supermarket needs considerable manpower to supervise, which increases the labor costs while greatly reduce the profit.
Lack of intelligent management methods for commodity entry and exit management, unable to achieve unified purchase, unified settlement, centralized distribution which lower the working efficiency.
Solution Introduction:
Four-Faith Chain Supermarket Cash Register Solution Based on Industrial Router has three subsystems according to functions: front-end chain store data management system, operator dedicated line and headquarters database management. Headquarters conducts data interaction with various chain stores in real time through the network, transmitting the sales tasks, sales plans issued by the company to the chain store. The chain store transmits the sales status and inventory data of the store to the headquarters in real time through the 4G/5G cellular network.
Central Site:
Apply for a 4G/5G operator dedicated line, use the leased line from the operator’s computer room to access the router in the user centre’s computer room, create the relevant corporate domain name, open a data network card, and bind the card to the corporate domain name.
Client Site:
The chain store installs a complete set of database management system and POS system and a set of 4G/5G routers which are connected through a network cable. The wireless router has a wireless data SIM card inside, and setting the relevant dialling parameters of the device. The chain store data card management system directly transmits the data that needs to be interacted with the headquarters to the server of the headquarters through the wireless router.
Relevant Devices:
1.Central Site:  a router, operator's dedicated line network environment, database management system and, etc.
2.Client Site: a set of wireless routers, a SIM card, database server and POS system, and, etc.
Chain Supermarket Cash Register Solution
Solution Advantages:
1.The System Networking is Flexible, Convenient, Easy to Use and Reliable
Four-Faith F-NR120 supports wireless APN networking, supports VPN protocols such as IPSEC, L2TP, and PPTP based on ISO network standards, and also supports DDNS & port mapping, which is convenient for the system networking.
2.Improve Work Efficiency and Save Service Costs
Four-Faith F-NR120 supports the entire network of various communication operators. It does not require network wiring at the counter, which is convenient for customers to provide the fastest payment services at the POS machine. Four-Faith F-NR120 can connect to customers' RJ45 network port and serial port POS machine. Customers do not need to upgrade their POS machines to GPRS functions or repurchase GPRS POS machines, saving customers fixed investment costs and service costs.
3.Improve Corporate Service Quality and Enhance Corporate Market Competition
Four-Faith F-NR120 can assist companies to provide consumers with POS credit card services, thereby improving service quality, increasing customers' willingness to consume, and raising the business turnover of the companies.
4.Accelerate the Construction of Enterprise Information Management
Four-Faith F-NR120 uses industrial-grade wireless modules, which are fully compatible with all public and private networks of operators. Using standard industrial interfaces to accelerate the information access construction to the upstream and downstream of enterprise mobile assets.
5.Stable System Operation and Flexible Routing
Four-Faith F-NR120 supports cable/wireless & wireless/wireless dual-link backup switching and has a complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure the stable and smooth system operation.

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