Four-Faith Intelligent Food Delivery Cabinet Solution, Achieve a Safe and Happy Dining Experience

Date:2021-08-18 11:34:09

In the pandemic situation, to further encourage the development of the online economy, emphasizing the deep integration of artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet, big data, blockchain and other technologies with modern manufacturing, business and finance, entertainment consumption, education and health, circulation, and travel. Optimize online financial services, expand fresh e-commerce retail, accelerate the development of "contactless" distribution, and promote remote offices, etc.
Contactless delivery is not only a product of the pandemic, but also an important "last mile" of the online economy. Online economy makes physical restaurants have a "blood bank” and makes the online ordering of fresh food and offline non-contact delivery model show explosive growth, which will become the new vitality of catering enterprises in the pandemic recovery.
Intelligent Food Delivery Cabinet
Pain Point
Centralized food place, unattended, there is a hidden danger of taking the wrong meal
Traditional food delivery is often misplaced, easily leading to secondary pollution.
Riders are not allowed to go upstairs in some office buildings and residences, resulting in too much time spent in the handover and poor user experience.
Solution Introduction
Deal with the "non-contact" demand in the pandemic era, Four-Faith launched the intelligent food delivery cabinet solution to achieve the contactless self-receive food delivery and create a happy experience of " Take food without queuing, meals are guaranteed ".
Intelligent Food Delivery Cabinet
Four-Faith intelligent food delivery cabinet solution is composed of three parts: selling cabinet terminal, transmission display equipment, and remote platform data processing.
System Components
The data processing part of the platform is composed of the server and firewall. The main work is to receive and process the data request reported by the terminal, store the database, and publish & display the data on the Web page. The platform receives the food storage information reported on the counter and sends the food retrieving code to the mobile phone of the customer.
Intelligent Food Delivery Cabinet
The transmission equipment uses Four-Faith low-power industrial integrated screen computer F4934-A-10.1cm, which integrates wireless cellular network, routing technology, industrial computer technology and LIQUID crystal display. The system uses Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 RK3288 processor with a main frequency of 1.8GHz, providing high speed computing support for customer tasks and smooth and robust video experience. Contains 4*USB, 3*RS232, 1*RS485, Ethernet, network, audio, and other interfaces. In addition, it can be external scan code gun, printer, camera, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment. Built-in Android operating system and provide related API and development documents, so that customers use and development of applications simpler and more convenient.
The terminal are mainly composed of the cabinet body, which is equipped with a 10.1-inch touch display screen industrial computer, surveillance camera, and the cabinet body. There are temperature sensors and heating modules in the cabinet lattice to heat and keep the food warm.
Solution Advantages
1.Take-away not disorderly, less customer complaints
2.The Intelligent food delivery cabinet can serve as a perfect delivery terminal for takeout. The rider can put the food inside the cabinet and the customer can pick up the food at a convenient time to saving the waiting time. Intelligent food delivery cabinet can achieve the delivery time fixed point unified storage, safe and tidy
3.Storage temperature suitable for food storage, no trouble to eat
4.The intelligent food delivery cabinet can achieve the intelligent temperature control from room temperature to 60 ℃, continuously heating and keeping the food warm independently, without worrying about the food getting cold and food deterioration.
5.High delivery efficiency, customers no worries
During the pandemic prevention and control period, the use of a non-contact intelligent food delivery can effectively avoid the scenarios of people gathering and queuing, so that customers can take meals at different times to avoid the rush hour. In addition, it can also save manpower costs and improve service efficiency for the company.

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