Provide "Eyes" for the Machine, Four-Faith Image Recognition Technology Decoding Visual Data Potential

Date:2022-03-31 16:08:05

In the context of the continuous development of information technology, image recognition technology develops rapidly, especially as an important subdivision of the artificial intelligence industry, has been widely used in face recognition, mobile payment, security monitoring and other fields, has become an inseparable part of intelligent life.
At present, image recognition technology has gradually replaced the traditional data monitoring means of the Internet of Things with its advantages of "high processing accuracy, high flexibility, wide application area and great potential of information compression". Therefore, government departments, enterprises, and institutions how to choose superb image recognition algorithms give the machine with "eyes", to achieve easy decoding of visual data, become the current hot trend.
Requirements Analysis:
1. High Labor Cost
Although the traditional monitoring data means of the Internet of Things are accurate, the effective information can only be obtained through manual screening in the process of data collection, which costs a lot of labor costs and time.
2. Low Timeliness
Traditional data monitoring means cannot form a perfect background supervision system, which requires information screening from time to time. In terms of timeliness and comprehensiveness, effective information cannot be output the first time.
3. Incomplete Data
For most enterprises, the daily monitoring needs do not have appropriate sensors for information tracking, resulting in field data information cannot being fully recorded, easy to lose important data.
4. Lack of Intelligent Supervision
Compared with intelligent identification algorithm technology, traditional monitoring means a lack of intelligent supervision platforms. Once the danger is found, it cannot play an early warning role, which will not only damage the managers' material and financial resources but even endanger their lives.
Image Recognition Technology
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith's new generation of intelligent IoT monitoring solutions brings the IoT industry into a new era of intelligent visualization with the multi-directional integrated IoT monitoring concept of data + image +AI+4G/5G. On the road to intelligent mining of image information, Four-Faith has carried out an in-depth layout and set up an image algorithm research team to develop special recognition schemes for Internet of Things application scenarios and industries to help the intelligent development of the Internet of Things industry. At present, the Four-Faith algorithm team has carried out the development of several image recognition algorithms and has provided highly reliable AI image recognition technology products and related solutions for government departments, enterprises, and institutions, industry users, system integrators, operators.
Intelligent Water Level Monitoring 
Four-Faith intelligent water level monitoring system captures images in the video stream of water level by continuously photographing the changing process of water level at the water level, and automatically calculates the water level value by combining scale line recognition and digital recognition with image recognition technology. When the water level reaches the set threshold, the real-time alarm will be sent to the platform and control center. To help flood control and emergency departments to monitor the water situation of urban reservoirs and river channels in depopulated areas in real-time.
Vehicle Types Intelligent Recognition
Four-Faith vehicle types intelligent recognition system adopts IP camera to continuously capture video images of driving vehicles in sequence and digitize them. The features extracted from image segmentation are matched with the vehicle models built in the model library, realizing cars, trucks, motorcycles, electric bicycles, and other vehicle types recognition. Provide related technical support for urban traffic and intelligent community management. In addition, the system can also realize whether there are electric vehicles and other prohibited vehicles in the park and community elevator identification, once the vehicle entered the prohibited area, the first time to remind the administrator, improve the accuracy of movement detection.
Car License Plate Recognition
Four-Faith car license plate recognition system, the use of dynamic video or static image of the vehicle license plate number, license plate color automatic recognition technology. Through the image collection and processing, complete the automatic license plate recognition function, can automatically extract the license plate image from an image to analyze the vehicle image or video sequence shot by the camera, get the unique license plate number of each car, to complete the recognition process. Through some follow-up processing means can achieve traffic flow control index measurement, vehicle positioning, car theft, highway toll station, parking area access, and other applications, to help traffic safety and urban security to achieve automated management.
AI Humanoid Intelligent Recognition
Four-Faith AI humanoid intelligent recognition system monitors the designated area within the surveillance range of the camera in real-time. When someone appears in the controlled area prohibited from entering, the camera can recognize them in real-time and issue an alarm of illegal intrusion. Compared with the traditional motion detection and alarm method, which only alarm the picture changes, humanoid recognition can more accurately meet the monitoring needs of managers and reduce the false alarm rate. This function has been widely used in forbidden zone monitoring, urban traffic management, factory warehouse, and other related industries.
Solution Advantages
1. Break the Barrier of Monitoring and Realize Data Visualization
Four-Faith intelligent image recognition technology system using computer image processing, automatic processing many video and image files, realize the industry intelligent identification and analysis, to break the bottleneck of traditional monitoring methods, thus effectively provide automatic monitoring, automatic judgment, intelligent alarm, and remote monitoring, etc., to ensure that monitoring and field data results of visual, And the traceability of the data analysis process.
2. A One-stop Intelligent Management System, Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency
Four-Faith intelligent image recognition technology one-stop solution can be customized and developed quickly according to customer needs to reduce customer labor costs and time costs. At the same time, an intelligent management system can be used to achieve remote operation and maintenance, and the scene can be detected at any time through the client.
3. Fast and Accurate Identification, Improve Work Efficiency
Through the Four-Faith intelligent image recognition technology scheme, it can realize automatic and accurate fast recognition of video, improve the accuracy of retrieval efficiency and accurate recognition results, and improve the working efficiency of enterprises.
4. Intelligent Linkage to Realize Background Data Sharing
The solution combines modern communication technologies such as 5G/4G, Internet of Things, AI, edge computing, and front-end integration to coordinate the operation of each subsystem, realize data sharing, facilitate the unified analysis and processing of managers' data, realize the collaborative work between departments, and improve the efficiency of automation system and management efficiency.

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