Self-Service Beverage Machine Solution Based on Four-Faith Industrial Control All-in-One Screen

Date:2021-09-30 15:58:22

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, more and more unmanned self-service devices lead by artificial intelligence technology appear in people's life. Take self-service beverage machine as an example, as a "star product" of unmanned self-service equipment, it is widely used in urban station restaurants, airport fast-food restaurants, office building canteen, shopping mall food city, school canteen, and other places. This portable service concept and intelligent management gradually go deep into work and life.
All-in-One Screen
According to the current situation, there are still many traditional beverage machines that need to spend a lot of costs to monitor the running state of the machine, transaction data, and other information in the process of use, which seriously affects the utilization rate of self-service beverage machines. Therefore, networking and intelligence of self-service beverage machines have become an inevitable trend of current development.
Pain Point
Unable to monitor machine running status, transaction data and other information in real-time.
Consume a lot of manpower and material costs, cannot achieve high profits.
The payment method of users is too old to realize easy shopping way.
The traditional beverage machine without an intelligent perception system, so the management personnel cannot find the fault in time, which affects the operation of the machine.
Solution Introduction
Four-Faith industrial control all-in-one screen F4934-A-17.3IE, equipped with beverage machine supporting APP, output HD advertising video, using the highly sensitive touch screen to provide the friendly man-machine interface for user operation. Through the 4G cellular network/WiFi/cable network, devices connected to the server, help industrial customers achieve the interconnection of equipment and rapid deployment.
Four-Faith self-service beverage machine solution through Four-Faith industrial control all-in-one screen use the 3G/4G wireless network to help each beverage machines connect with the central server to achieve data transmission, established the high-speed, stable data transmission channel for self-service beverage machine. Transmit all the information such as beverage sales to the business management platform in real-time. Operation personnel can remotely send the commands to control the beverage machine to achieve remote management and monitoring. Through VPN and VPDN and other methods to realize the safe transmission of data so that the central platform can timely and accurately grasp the failure situation, sales situation, and even video monitoring of each self- service beverage machine.
4G wireless network
Solution Values
Industrial Quality, Ensure the Stability of Communication Network
Four-Faith using industrial level components, ensure the stable operation of wireless communication equipment in 7*24h and effectively improve the stability and security of the solution.
Save Operation and Maintenance Costs
During the operation of the project, the SIM card package can be replaced at any time without replacing wireless equipment, which helps the operating enterprise to effectively reduce the operating cost.
Convenient Payment, Improve User Experience
Customers can buy the drinks by using coin or mobile payment, which is not limited by time and place, improve user experience.
Remote Operation, Improve Management Efficiency
The cloud platform supports terminal access, convenient for remote operation and maintenance, timely detection of equipment failures, and helps enterprises improve large-scale operation capacity.

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