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Brand New Upgrade, Powered by 5G Redcap! Four-Faith Industrial Routers Make 5G "Lighter"

Breaking the Bottleneck! Redcap Propels the Industrial "Internet Celebrity."


2023 marks the fourth anniversary of the commercialization of 5G in China and a crucial period for the large-scale development of 5G scene applications.


In the promotion of 5G applications, terminals have become the "anchor" for the integration of 5G with industries. In the early days of 5G, manufacturers primarily focused on low latency and large bandwidth, resulting in high costs and difficulty in research and development for 5G terminals, limiting the widespread application of 5G technology.


To break through the industrial bottleneck and vigorously promote the large-scale development of 5G applications, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) proposed a lightweight type of user device, namely Redcap. Redcap achieves a reduction in terminal costs and power consumption by shrinking terminal bandwidth, reducing the number of transmitting and receiving antennas, and lowering modulation orders.

Redcap reduces terminal costs and power consumption while maintaining the advantages of 5G technology. It supports various network topologies, offering flexibility and scalability.

Redcap can be customized and expanded according to users' different application scenarios and requirements, making it widely applicable in IoT scenarios that require many connections. Currently, it has become one of the crucial technologies for building large-scale IoT networks.

Accelerating Deployment! Four-Faith Iteratively Upgrades Redcap Industrial Routers.

The lightweight technology of 5G is a significant direction in the development of 5G networks, with immense potential and advantages. In response to the national call, leading enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the chip, module, and terminal industries are collaboratively promoting the research and development as well as industrial application of 5G Redcap products. This effort aims to speed up the integration of Redcap with native 5G applications such as network slicing, high-precision positioning, and 5G LAN (Local Area Network), diversifying terminal types and product forms while reducing chip and module costs.

As a leader in the IoT industry, Four-Faith attaches great importance to the deployment of 5G Redcap terminals. The company independently develops high-performance and cost-effective 5G Redcap terminals, accelerating technological research and development and application innovation in the field of 5G lightweight technology. As of now, several models of Four-Faith's 5G Redcap industrial routers have successfully passed strict testing by major operators.

To meet the diverse application needs of industry users, Four-Faith's R&D team has upgraded its 5G Redcap industrial router, the F3X26Q. This product features a built-in lightweight 5G module, enabling lower-cost and lower-power consumption for 5G network transmission, providing users with stable and reliable high-speed network connections and data transmission capabilities.

The product is compact in size, low in power consumption, and easy to deploy and move, meeting the requirements of large-scale and high-density communication applications in industrial automation, industrial equipment operation and maintenance, PLC collaborative control, intelligent logistics, smart inspections, intelligent manufacturing, and other scenarios. It fully supports RedCap applications, reducing network construction and operation costs, improving network efficiency and sustainability, providing users with faster and more reliable network connections, and delivering an ultimate connectivity experience.
Product Features

  1. Unrestricted Networking with Guaranteed Connectivity

Supports 4G/5G and wired network backup, featuring dual SIM card support as well as eSIM card compatibility to meet various networking application scenarios.

  1. Rich Industrial Interfaces, Covering IoT All-Scenario Applications

Featuring abundant industrial interfaces, it comes with 1 RS232 (or RS485), 1 Ethernet LAN, 1 Ethernet WAN, and 1 WIFI interface. It can simultaneously connect serial devices, Ethernet devices, and WIFI devices, covering a wide range of IoT scenarios.

  1. Fully Industrialized Design, Unfazed by Harsh Environments

Adopting industrial-grade standards from processing chips, memory chips, storage chips, and communication modules to power devices; it adheres to industrial usage criteria with an IP30 protection rating and wide temperature characteristics. It meets industrial-grade specifications, ensuring durability and resilience in harsh industrial environments.

  1. Compact Size, Convenient Installation

The product has a compact size of just 93x89x24mm and a weight of only 250g. In comparison to similar 5G Redcap industrial router series from other manufacturers, it is more lightweight, making installation more convenient for customers and meeting various embedded installation needs.

  1. Supporting 5G Redcap, Outperforming Traditional 5G Technology

Fully compatible with 5G Redcap applications, it not only meets the advantages of low latency, high reliability, stability, and massive connectivity but also provides customers with a wider range of application scenarios and a superior contextualized experience.

Application Scenarios


Low-Speed Vehicle Networking Solutions


As a crucial component in the field of autonomous driving, low-speed unmanned driving communication technology finds widespread applications in areas such as unmanned delivery vehicles, unmanned cleaning vehicles, unmanned shuttle vehicles, unmanned construction vehicles, unmanned mining trucks, unmanned inspections, AGV unmanned vehicles, unmanned forklifts, composite robots, and more.

Four-Faith iteratively upgrades the Redcap industrial router F3X26Q, highly adapting to low-speed unmanned driving solutions. The product features high-speed network transmission, stable low-latency links, vehicle-mounted interface design, built-in multi-network acceleration functions, and parallel processing of video and control streams. It fully meets the industry-specific requirements of different fields, providing users with efficient, secure, and intelligent unmanned driving services.

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