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The Industry's First! Four-Faith 5G LoRaWAN Gateway is Now Available, Accelerating the Commercial Deployment of RedCap on a Large Scale

In August 2023, the latest draft of the "Notice on Promoting the Technological Evolution and Innovative Development of 5G Lightweight (RedCap) Technology" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) specified industry development goals by 2025: achieving nationwide 5G RedCap coverage in cities at or above the county level and realizing a growth of tens of millions in the number of 5G RedCap connections.

Meanwhile, domestic leading telecom operators are accelerating the progress of 2G/3G network decommissioning. Coupled with the gradually revealed drawbacks of 4G networks in terms of large-scale networking latency, 5G, as a rapidly advancing emerging technology, provides more robust support for industry users. An increasing number of innovative applications and services can materialize with the backing of 5G networks.


Therefore, to address the demand for the combination of LoRa with high bandwidth, high speed, and low latency cellular networks in the IoT market, Four-Faith has independently developed the industry's first 5G/5G RedCap LoRaWAN gateway. This gateway enables large-scale networking, supports integration with mainstream platforms domestically and internationally, and effortlessly meets the industry's requirements for high data rates, massive connections, and ultra-low latency.


New Release! Four-Faith 5G LoRaWAN Gateway

The FBL800-00 series outdoor base station is a wireless communication base station based on the LoRaWAN standard protocol. It connects to various standard LoRaWAN protocol application nodes, and the collected information is transmitted to the cloud server via wired Ethernet, 4G, 5G, or WIFI.

The product employs a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor, supported by an embedded real-time operating system as its software platform. It features 1 Ethernet WAN port (with POE+ support), 1 WIFI interface, supporting wireless configuration management and online upgrades. Additionally, it includes VAC power input, with optional customization for DC input.

Product Features

  1. Supports 5G and 5G RedCap

In addition to supporting the traditional 5G technology features such as high data rates, low latency, and broad connectivity, RedCap effectively reduces costs and power consumption for IoT terminals by streamlining bandwidth, antennas, and baseband/RF while providing 5G characteristics.

  1. IP67 Protection Level

The product's upper cover is made of ABS+PC material, UL94V0 flame retardant, aluminum cast bottom shell for heat dissipation, and it achieves an IP67 protection rating, making it suitable for harsh on-site environments.

  1. Multiple Power Supply Options Available

Supports 85-305VAC/100-430VDC power supply and simultaneous POE+ power, meeting the requirements of various application scenarios.

  1. Offering Abundant Deployment Solutions with High Security

Supports APN/VPDN private networks, and the device is equipped with various VPN connections such as IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, and OPENVPN. With VPN client and server functionalities, an additional layer of encryption is added on top of the private network to ensure the security and accuracy of transaction data and management data.

  1. Supports Multiple Modes with Strong Expandability

The gateway supports various modes, including Embedded Network Server mode (where the Network Server is deployed inside the gateway), Basicstation mode (connecting to an external server corresponding to the Basicstation protocol), and Semtech UDP GWMP Protocol mode (integrating with external NS servers through the GWMP UDP protocol).

  1. Supports Integration with Multiple Platforms

Compatible with platforms such as LinkWAN, ChirpStack, Tencent Cloud, TTN, AWS, and more.

  1. Industrial-Grade Design for Stability and Reliability

Designed with industrial-grade standards for components, chips, and casing, the device can withstand high-temperature and humid environments, making it resilient in any challenging operating conditions. This ensures the stable and efficient operation of the equipment.

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