5G+ Smart Factory Data Collection and Monitoring Solution

Date:2023-08-16 10:07:08

With the improvement of economic level and the continuous rise of labor costs, labor-intensive enterprises face tremendous pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, making digital transformation a focal point for business development. As a key industry for digital transformation and a priority sector for 5G applications, manufacturing is a pivotal field empowered by 5G. Many traditional factories aspire to achieve effective smart manufacturing through 5G, shortening production cycles, reducing labor costs, and enhancing efficiency.

The 5G-enabled smart factory involves wireless transformation of existing equipment, enabling 5G connectivity through wireless CPEs. Real-time data collection on operational status, parameters, and production yields of production equipment within the factory can be achieved, with collected data monitored and analyzed. Facilities that once required manual periodic inspections can now undergo real-time analysis via 5G devices, significantly boosting equipment utilization and reducing the impact duration of equipment malfunctions, effectively enhancing equipment productivity.

5G features extensive coverage, massive connectivity, low latency, and high reliability. Compared to 4G, 5G technology substantially increases peak data rates and reduces wireless interface latency. Simultaneously, it enhances connection density, making 5G more supportive of various applications in mobile and industrial internet.

Without a doubt, 5G+ "Smart Factory" represents a new form of manufacturing and serves as a new engine for the future of manufacturing.

Solution Description

Solution Introduction
This project involves the establishment of a 5G smart factory for a photovoltaic enterprise in Ji'an, with collaboration from the telecommunications 5G private network. The project aims to utilize 5G network applications for the factory's backend server cluster, enabling real-time monitoring of terminal manufacturing equipment.

Considering the challenges of on-site wiring and the density of machine installations, the machines are equipped with 5.8G WiFi wireless cards. They are connected to the Four-Faith F-NR100 5G industrial router through WiFi functionality. The F-NR100 is fitted with a dedicated 5G private network card and, in conjunction with the telecommunications 5G base station network, facilitates seamless communication with the backend server cluster. This specialized network ensures data isolation from the public network, enhancing the security of manufacturing data.

With the strategic deployment of the F-NR100, the project establishes wireless connectivity for machines within the WiFi coverage area, harnessing the low-latency and high-bandwidth capabilities of the 5G network. This approach ensures real-time data transmission, enabling the backend services to promptly monitor current production status and machine operational parameters.

Solution Key Features
1. Utilizing IoT technology to establish efficient interconnectivity between devices, upgrading from a digital factory to an "IoT-enabled factory." Operators can access real-time production data among production equipment, materials, and finished products, meeting the 24/7 monitoring demands of the factory.

2. Inadequate management of production quality and lack of effective traceability. Production decisions rely primarily on experience, lacking quantification, transparency, and scientific rigor.

3. Seamlessly connecting upstream and downstream data, creating a complete production chain. Achieving usable and controllable planning, transparent plan execution, manageable production cycles, and improved utilization of equipment resources.

4. Real-time control of equipment ensures stable quality, enabling more timely handling of exceptions and targeted adjustments to plans.

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Model: F-NR100

Key Features:
Gigabit fiber-optic broadband access, boosting transmission speed by 10 times. 
Various VPN channels available, offering comprehensive options. 
Stable operation 7x24, suitable for unmanned environments. 
Full compatibility with networks worldwide. 
Remote device configuration, upgrades, and maintenance for greatly improved management efficiency.

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