Factory Video Monitoring Application

Date:2023-08-03 09:45:02

With the development of modern industry, the ability of equipment to operate safely and reliably in optimal conditions holds significant importance in ensuring product quality, enhancing production capacity, and ensuring workplace safety. Effectively improving the reliability of equipment operation and promptly detecting and predicting faults is crucial. This underscores the essential aspect of strengthening equipment management and is the most critical task. Equipment undergoes a process from normal operation to failure, which is why continuous and routine monitoring of its operational status is necessary.

Solution Description


Factory Video Monitoring Application


Solution Introduction
In this solution, the camera's data is transmitted to the internet through a 5G CPE. Users can display the video data on a platform via a server, and subsequently, the information can be transmitted in real-time to mobile apps, phone calls, text messages, and more. This holds significant importance in ensuring product quality, enhancing production capacity, and ensuring safety. It achieves real-time monitoring of the daily operation of equipment.

Product Key Features

Supports both NSA and SA networks, compatible with various operators; utilizes a comprehensive anti-disconnection mechanism for stable data transmission.

Supports 5G/4G and wired intelligent switching, featuring high-speed Ethernet ports for plug-and-play convenience.

Equipped with WDT software and hardware dual watchdogs, designed for industrial use, resistant to high and low temperatures, durable, and ensures system stability.

Comes with a comprehensive remote management system, enabling centralized management, remote configuration, and upgrades for enhanced operational efficiency.

Product Introduction


Four-Faith Industrial Router F-NR100



Key Features:
Wired and 5G/4G dual-link intelligent switching, serving as mutual backups. 
Provides PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, OPENVPN, and L2TP OVER IPSEC for data security assurance. 
Features EOIP functionality, enabling Layer 2 data exchange. 
Supports Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU conversion. 
Upstream data supports MQTT_FF protocol and DEV_FF protocol.

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Factory Video Monitoring Application


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