Data Transmission System on Public CCTV Surveillance Router

Data Transmission System cctv surveillance router cctv monitoring router cctv transmission system

Public transport service system(CCTV surveillance router monitoring ) is an important indicator for an urban civilization. With the gradual expansion of the existing urban scale, the public transportation system in urban transport is playing an increasingly important role

Remote Automatic Meter Reading System Application

Remote Automatic Meter Reading System Application

Traditional gas station information system is hard to meet current need of security of data transmission and data storage, which real time, fast and wide range data transmission among all gas station is needed.
Solutions for Water Conservancy

Solutions for Water Solutions for Water Conservancy

In these applications, sensors monitor the condition of the water in the pool, including pH and sanitizer levels. Water-treatment chemicals are automatically dispensed, and the impact is measured and reported back to the operations center.
Hydrology Water Monitoring System

Hydrology Water Monitoring System Water Monitoring System

GPRS IP Modem installed in the collection station, the station responsible for collecting and monitoring the hydrological collector bi-directional data communication between the centers.
ZIGBEE hydrological monitoring

ZigBee hydrological monitoring hydrological monitoring ZigBee monitoring

A site with a data acquisition unit, radio, rain gauge, water level gauge, wind meter anemometer and other hydrological monitoring, the site can be retained data for over six months through the ZigBee wireless communication