Four-Faith F2103 GPRS IP modem for industrial printer monitoring application

F2103 modem for industrial printer industrial printer monitoring application

Four-Faith F2103 Industrial GPRS IP Modem can realize wireless transmission in networking system of industrial printers, to ensure that the equipment remote monitoring.....

Router for Optimizing PLC Network Performance and Management

Router for PLC Optimizing PLC Network

Many advanced industrial automation systems have deployed gateways to efficiently bridge field-bus I/O devices to Ethernet based PLCs, switches to connect PLCs and SCADA terminals at remote control centers, to reduce operating costs and improve production efficiency of expanding.

Boiler ‘sick’? Remote monitoring system is coming

Remote monitoring system Boiler Remote monitoring

Four-Faith developed industrial boiler remote monitoring system with customer, real-time monitor boiler running data, in order to ensure the healthy operation of the boiler, and achieve the lowest energy consumption, emission to a minimum, safeguard, such as equipped with a ‘doctor’ for each boiler
3G/4G Industrial Router Application for Video Surveillance

3G 4G Industrial Router Industrial Router for Video Application for Video Surveillance

Our selection of Xiamen Four-Faith F3X25 series Industrial routers as transmission equipment, according to the considering of functionality, price, and other related terms of devices.
F3425 Industrial router successful used in pump station monitoring system

Industrial openwrt router pump station monitoring pump station monitoring application

The main function of pump station monitoring system is to monitor the running state of water pump or the surrounding environment.
F7114 GPS DTU application of wireless monitoring system of tower crane

GPS DTU application tower crane application tower crane monitoring application

F7114 GPS DTU after receiving the monitoring terminal information, transmit data to the remote monitoring center through the wireless network, so as to realize the function of remote monitoring.