4G/3G Wireless Industrial Router Based on UK large Device Monitoring System

large Device Monitoring System medical device monitoring medical device manufacturer

Four-Faith the leading enterprise in IOT cooperate with UK medical manufacturer for years and has installed hundreds of wireless industrial routers in their medical device.
TCP ip modem terminal applied on distribution automation and management systems

distribution automation distribution network distribution system Distribution automation system remote power distribution terminal

Distribution automation is to improve the reliability and power quality, enhance supply capacity, an important means to achieve efficient
GPS DTU for agricultural machinery positioning and monitoring system in Mexico

GPS positioning monitoring voice communications platform agricultural machinery positioning GPS monitoring system

It has become general trend of the development of IP modem agriculture to to integrate  wireless communication technology and agricultural mechanization technology.
Tower Crane Monitoring Application based on Four-Faith wireless modem

Tower Crane Monitoring System remote monitoring platform Tower Crane Monitoring Application

Tower Crane Monitoring System is based on Sensor Technology, Embedded Technology, Dada Acquisition, Dada Processing Technology and the system combining the wireless conduct network and remote communication technology.
Four-Faith WIFI router for motor devices monitoring application

WIFI router for motor devices motor devices monitoring WIFI router for monitoring

The product is with video surveillance, audio monitoring and broadcasting, wireless remote transmission, WIFI coverage, local data storage and other functions
Smart Weighbridge Tracking & monitoring

Smart Weighbridge Tracking Smart Weighbridge monitoring Automatic Driver Control System

The India customer has combined the Four-Faith industrial GPRS ip modem F2114 in the weighbridge tracking monitoring system, send the data to the server by tcp/udp, provide consistency data sorted via system’s 7/24 operating process stay reliable and consistent as the first day it was founded.