China Shanghai Dual sim card router F3B32 WIFI application

WIFI application,Dual sim card router WIFI router application

The practical application of the project is China Shang hai Ship wireless data transmission application case, it’s widely used in the world ship.
Ship AIS wireless data transmission application case

wireless data transmission Ship AIS application case Ship AIS wireless transmission

AIS is precisely the basic functions of the boat and his boat ship's position , heading , speed ( vector lines ) , steering speed, and distance from the nearest ship encounter and dynamic information such as n...

Numerically-controlled machine remote maintenance
This system use Four-Faith F2114 IP modem to provide long distance wireless data transmission, which is low consumption, stable and simple and useful.
Four-Faith 3G/4G Industrial Router to help medical equipment intelligent network

3G 4G Industrial Router M2M communication terminal mobile medical system

Four-Faith M2M wireless communication terminal successful apply for the baby scale, provides a physical basis for telemedicine, mobile nursing.

Remote Monitoring of Large Medical Device

monitoring system Industrial grade router Medical Device Monitoring System

The monitoring system is based on wireless 3G/4G network, it uses Four-Faith F3X34 serial Industrial grade router to realize the  network of  the service center and all local medical device.
Center Air Condition Remote Monitoring Application

air conditioning monitoring Conditional Monitoring Project Conditional Monitoring Application

Four-Faith come up with one central air conditioning monitoring based on PLC and F2X14 IP modem