Smart Weighbridge Tracking & monitoring

Smart Weighbridge Tracking Smart Weighbridge monitoring Automatic Driver Control System

The India customer has combined the Four-Faith industrial GPRS ip modem F2114 in the weighbridge tracking monitoring system, send the data to the server by tcp/udp, provide consistency data sorted via system’s 7/24 operating process stay reliable and consistent as the first day it was founded.
Ship AIS wireless data transmission application case

wireless data transmission Ship AIS application case Ship AIS wireless transmission

AIS is precisely the basic functions of the boat and his boat ship's position , heading , speed ( vector lines ) , steering speed, and distance from the nearest ship encounter and dynamic information such as name,...
Street lights real-time monitoring system solution

Streetlight Control Terminals monitoring system solution Wireless transmission equipment

F2103 connected to PLC built-in Streetlight control terminals via R232/RS485,then connected to data server via GPRS network.