Four-Faith 3G Industrial WIFI Router for charging points in Spain

Date:2015-03-12 16:32:00

Model : Four-Faith F3424 Industrial UMTS/WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+ WIFI communication router

Quantity : 1 unit

Industries : system integrator


           The Spain customer applied the F3424 3G wifi Router to the post that the same charge an electric car than a mobile phone, giving you access to the internet or citizen information. Recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles made affordable

          An important advantage of the system ev concept is its effect on the amortization of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. With all the components installed metering and communications inside the loading point and multiple additional services that can be converted into a source of income can install this equipment making them much less expensive and shortening repaid. This cost reduction and the addition of other means of billing allows rapid and economical deployment of charging points for electric vehicles. An EV infrastructure therefore could be a reality sooner than later. The new concept will also support alternative infrastructure facilities, allowing users with limited mobility flexible charging options.

        “ Our concept of charging point, part of the basis of the location of public lighting in cities, which is the same leverage existing infrastructure in cities to implement solutions for EV charging without civil works and also providing the charging point solutions that generate income to the municipalities.We intend to fill no more elements sidewalks distorting everyday passers (no doubt also thinking of the disabled) using the space it occupies and a lamp to give this a charging point and more. “ said by customer.

         The 3G wifi router F3424 support the charging point model comes loaded with additional capabilities such as Wi-Fi - mobile interactivity and advertising - mobile phone charging by induction, IP Telephony - Payments for services by SMS-Weather Station - renewables - Led Lighting - advertising support - recycling point - Video surveillance etc.

        With the 3G wifi router F3424, the charging units can be customized in all its forms and concepts, color, design and part load shapes etc. possibilities.

        The solution has a comprehensive management software  from collection management, electricity consumption, as well as all peripherals that accompany it, we also thought the same point security alarms adding intrusion or vandalism.

        Recently, the hot sell Four-Faith LTE WIFI Router F3834 have been applied  for Walmart Mexico Video Security application, the LTE wifi router  provide the network for the DVR  works very good. It will helps a lot for the Walmart security system and customers feed back positively.

       The project is still in testing period, potential is 400 units F3834 LTE Industrial 4G communication router wifi for fist stage.

On-site picture:

Four-Faith 3G Industrial WIFI Router for charging points in Spain

Four-Faith 3G Industrial WIFI Router for charging points in Spain

Four-Faith 3G Industrial WIFI Router for charging points in Spain

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