Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee for LED Display Control System

Date:2014-03-19 14:15:00


           LED displays  are widely seen  on the streets , bus stations, communities, etc. People use them to display advertising, information publishing including texts, images, and videos. In the short distance  LED display control system, FourFaith F8914 ZigBee terminal is the part of data transmission.

Control System

           F8914 ZigBee terminal is connected to the LED board via RS232/RS485. It supports three node types, coordinator, routing and end device. There s one coordinator in the ZigBee network. The central node is installed to the PC via RS232 at the control center. Information is sent from the  central node to the general node via ZigBee network, and then output from the RS232/RS485 port and display on the board.


          F8914 ZigBee terminal is used for small data and short distance transmission. It supports joining the network automatically. The routing type unit in the network acts as the repeater.  Sleep mode in end device decreases the power consumption.

Application Case

Country: India

Model : Fourfaith F8914

Quantity : 7 units for testing


          All LED boards are with RS485 port, and the distance between two LED boards is about 100meters. All LED boards are connect to F8914 terminals (general node) via RS485. Then  another F8914 should work as central node connected to the PC. The general nodes send data to the center node, then  the center forwards the information data to the server directly. The software analyzes the data in the server and sends the control data to the terminal , in this way  the server can control the LED display.

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