Four-Faith Zigbee module is successfully applied in Suzhou bicycle rental system

Date:2013-07-01 15:50:00

           Public bicycle affordable, convenient, low carbon, energy-saving environmental protection concept is favored by the citizens and the government, to manage these rental points by using “public bicycle rental system”, using intelligent device of the bicycle, to manage each bike rental process through resident card way.

          In March, Four-Faith communication and one technology company in Jiangsu reached a cooperation on public bicycle rental system, and made a pilot project for a few tourist attractions. The development of “public bicycle rental system” by our partner was adopted mature technology, completely got rid of parking pile by using Zigbee communication technology, as long as we were in wireless communication sensing range, we could realize bicycle free renting and information management, breakthrough the limitation of parking pile and space, effectively solve the problems of renting car, will be more convenience for the users and more environmental protection.

       “No parking pile technology” is mainly uses Four-Faith Zigbee wireless technology, the wireless communication network covered the rental car region. Four-Faith Zigbee terminal--F8914 installed on the bicycle rental points, mainly used for the center node, Four-Faith Zigbee module F8913-E is installed on the bicycle, as the communication points, the bicycle will automatically connect to the Zigbee center node when near the rental points with a certain range to rent car.

        Through the application of Four-Faith Zigbee wireless technology, people only need to apply for a car rental card, then will be free to take a ride, when in the tourist attractions, they can lock the car easily, and return the car to bicycle management sensing area in the end.

        Recently, the pilot of several scenic spots “bicycle rental system” have passed the acceptance of environmental and municipal departments, have been run in the area, to provide good service for the society, also favored by the general public.

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